Afghan kush under the weather?

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  1. Hi there

    This is my afghan kush has been under my 250w cfl for 30 days at 12/12 or flower

    Has been on a feeding schedule of bio bizz grow and bloom and some seaweed extract whilst in flower

    Last week it started to look a bit worse for wear

    About 3 weeks ago I tied the plant down as it was growing too near the top of the tent, in doing so I snapped just below the cola but it has grown back strong again, researching this strain I was told 60 days, it was vegging for well over a month and now is 30 days in,

    Is there something obvious to you guys that I haven't picked up, seems the budsites are takin forever

    Thanks in advance for your help

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  2. Anyone..... Please?
  3. Is the afghan Kush Ryder a autoflower?
  4. No it's a feminized normal mate
  5. No mate it's a feminised normal not auto
  6. Here is a few more pics

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  7. I'm growing the same strain. The 60 days is from the first site of flowers until ready to harvest. You're 30 days into vegging. When did they start to flower? From what I can see, they look like they barely started to flower a week or two ago. How far away are your cfls? remember, with cfls you need to have the bulbs as close to the plant as possible. Also, are you pH'ing your nute solutions?
  8. Thanks for the reply mate, I appreciate it

    I moved the ak from its veg room into the tent to flower on the 17th of last month so it's been in there for over 30 days now

    The plant grew well over what I thought and had a massive growth spurt, ended up touching the cfl so I had to bend and tie it down with string to the pot

    As you can see most of the leaves that are yellow will dry up and die

    Can't work out what the plant is telling me, I'm feeding the correct nutes at the moment.
  9. Slow bud growth with everything spot on = not enough light. Makes sense considering you have a CFL and its at least a foot away from buds that are not the cola.

    She looks green and healthy with a slight nute burn - shes getting the nutes she needs.

    The yellowing and dying of the leaves can be lack of N, lack of light, or a mixture of both. Could be a root-zone issue such as pathogens invading, but the top half looks fine to me which makes me think otherwise.

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