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  1. Today is day 40 for the plant. It was grown in a window for 30 days and then moved outside. The seed was included free with an order so I thought id give it a try. I know sitting it in a window and then putting it outside isnt ideal for an autoflowering plant, but it's the best I could do. Any suggestions for the last coulpe weeks??
    P.S. sorry about the cam

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  2. Looking great funk, it is probably a bit more than 2 weeks away from harvest though...because it was grown in a window it had to of been slower growth. I'd say a good 5 weeks left at the least. The buds have just barely started to form.
  3. Thanks for the info......I'm new with the auto so i'm glad to have a timeline based off my actual plant. Thanks again
  4. Yeah sure, 5 weeks is minimum depending on the strain, could even go up to 8 more weeks. Either'll have a nice little harvest before the natural season harvest
  5. today is day 47 and my girl now has 8 bud sites plus the top. It's still looking nice, but I hope all the rain forecasted for this week doesnt hurt her any. I'll put some new pics up soon
  6. Good shit bro! Im running an A.K.R right now too, only at day 7 tho... keep this thing updated im really excited to see what it turns out to be. are u using any nutes? what kind of soil? im usin my own starter mix from dankohzee and then Fox Farm Ocean Forest with tiger bloom when it start to flower. no prob with it autoing?
  7. Hey nocto what's good bro. The soil is a mix of local dirt and organic potting soil from lowes. As far as her flowering on here own, she was on point with that shit....week five and you could see buds starting to form. I'm guessing week five is a little slow for an auto but I did grow the bitch in a window for a month haha. No nutes yet other then what was in the potting soil, I was gonna try some fox farm tiger or beasty bloomz on her these last few weeks so I'll take some pics along the way. Good luck with yours bro
  8. Coo, Yeah im usin some Tiger Bloom for sure as soon as i see some pistols. good luck to you too brah cant wait to see what that bitch turns into.
  9. here she is...i think its almost done, but idk, what do you guys think

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  10. im no expert but those hairs look very dark orange... everyone says to get a 30x magnifiing glass to see if the crystals are amber... whys it so stringy?
  11. Hey chem I don't think those are orange hairs you are seeing. If you look closely you can see they are tips of the leaves that have burned brown. You can see it best in the second to last pic. It could easily use another 1-2 weeks.
  12. Yeh the tips of the leaves are burned....doesn't really matter now because something broke it lastnite. I left the undamaged part of the plant outside, but idk if it will live or not
  13. if its not broken too high tape it up and bury it up to the cut and tie it to something... happened to my plant... it looked rough for a few days but came back
  14. I just made my account today and am thinking of doing a guerrilla grow within the next year. the only place possible for me to grow is along the railroad tracks which is why i think i need an autoflowering plant. ive looked at a lot of strains and this seems like a decent one. outdoor funk what do u think from ur experience with the plant. is it easy for beginners? sorry to just randomly come here and start asking questions :3

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