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Afghan Kush ryder auto questions.....

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DowJones, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Have only one and want to know the best way to go about growing this strain with it being auto-flower and all. I have a 65w cfl and a 85w cfl that are 24/0 for my veg-plants and in another room i have 400w hps that is on 12/12. Any thought or tips on how to go about growing this without changing my current setup========>http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/857527-dowjones-indoor-soil-grow.html

    Further more I get the idea of auto-flower but still what's the best way to grow one. Do i have to lst or top? Do i use the same amount of nutrients and when can i start using them right away since it skips veg state? Sorry if there is already a thread out there for this but i'm kinda also looking to not alter what i already have going on with my other plants.

    any advice and input is greatly appreciated!!
  2. For auto's you need to run your lights 20/4 the whole time. I guess if the hps is being used for 12/12 then you gotta get some more cfl's.
  3. Ok so autoflowers cant be under 24/0?
  4. they can use any time. autos flower by age, usually 14-20 days they start flowering whether its 18/6 , 20/4 i prefer 24/0 the more light the more grow and less stretching the plant will do.
  5. I bought the auto-flower under the impression that it would flower under 24/0 light,that said i just want a for sure yes or no from experience if 24 hrs of light will still allow it to flower. if not would my best bet be to put my whole veg space under 20/4 for the grow period of the auto? I rather not buy more lights and am limited on light tight space.
  6. read this

  7. Ok so i think i will probably try growing it under 24/0 for a while and then switch to 20/4 if i don't see any sexing by week 3. With the such short growth time i almost don't see how i could go wrong with that. I will also keep a grow journal so that we will all have a definite answer.
  8. its a autoflower.. it doesnt matter what time period you use but they recommend 20/4. it will show sexs close to 14days. just plant the seed and use 24/0 or 20/4. and in 55 -60 days so should be harvested if not very close to harvesting
  9. I think the reason you do 20/4 instead of 24/0 is because it helps the roots to have some dark time. I've read that about photoperiod strains and assume it probably applies to auto's. Besides the more the roots grow the more the buds grow.
  10. Thanks but im still goin 24/0 for atleast 1st 2 weeks
  11. Ello buddy I'm growing a afghan kush ryder be nice to see some pics of urs mine are window sill grown
  12. This is mine day 20 of flowering I think lol

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  13. I have not even started germinating the afghan seed i have, probably soon though. I will deff. make a grow journal when i do.
  14. Cool matey I look forward to seeing your journal

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