Afghan Kush Ryder 5g DWC 400w HPS closet grow

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  1. Feel free to comment or give tips as this is my first time growing. what I have going, legally, I might add, is a closet grow measuring 6' wide 3' deep and about 8 1/2 ft tall. got it wrapped in Mylar up to about 7ft up the walls with a 400w HPS with dual ballast hanging from the ceiling although I'm only using the HPS for this grow. using tap water with less than 50ppm but ph 9. have oscillating de-ionizing fan also. k for the set up I have 4 5gal black paint buckets with 6" net pots and a 4 outlet air pump. the ladies are afghan kush Ryder autoflower seeds bought from wos came with mystery seeds too. they were germinated in rockwool and placed into the netpots with expanded clay around them.

    dec 12- 1 week old from first two real leaves
    -jumped the gun a little a moved them closer to the bottom of the netpot and lowered the water to try and make them chase it
    - lights on 24
    dec 19- 2 wks old
    -switched lights to 20/4
    - pump was set too low and one of the ladies wasn't getting any bubble action, water got stagnant smelling like a fish tank, lady showed obvious signs of severe stunting and deformities, transplanted to soil, replaced with bag seed that had been put in soil 2 weeks prior (she's about 8" already freakin crazy
    - air pump set to full power and fan left on 24/7
    - fed 1/5 ammount as directed on fox farms grow big
    - roots freakin exploded
    - having ph concerns as I have not bought any ph down yet but ph went down to 6.5 when fed then up to 7.3
    - ladies will be 3wks old on dec 26, have to wait until 27th to buy ph down and more calibrating crap
    - decided on using lemon concentrate to lower ph from 7.3 to 5.8 using 2 tsp lemon juice per girl testing hourly to track fluctuations
    - pics are dec 24

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  2. Subbed. Fixing to order these seeds myself..

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