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afghan kush? noob questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc boba fett, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. i'm a total noob and don't know shit about weed. me and my 2 friends want to try weed so my cousin gave me 2 grams of this stuff called afghan kush and he said it was dank. and i have some questions

    what does dank mean

    what is afghan kush, is it good

    is 2g of it enough for 3 people, none of us have smoked before

    any tips for us
  2. ha dank pretty much means potent, ive heard that afgan kush is decent......and 2 gs is more than enough to get three people high, if your inhaling correctly which believe it or not is a common problem with first time smokers
  3. Yea Afghan Kush is bad ass. If you have smoked cigs before and now how to inahle one or two big rips and you should be blazed out of your mind.
  4. If none of you have smoked before, and you properly inhale the smoke into your lungs, 2 grams of afghani kush between 3 new smokers will fuck you up. have fun dude
  5. yeah i gotta tip get the remote and some beer by your side smoke the kush and chill can you tell us what it was like coz i got 10 growing under 600 in a wilma system.:smoking:
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    Dank means how potent the plant is, the more the potency, the more it messes you up. Potency can be thought of as concentration, if the plant is highly concentrated then it is highly potent. The more dank something is, the less you have to smoke in order to get high. And, Afghan Kush is very dank - it's ranked for being able to fuck people as good as it does.

    You're off to an incredible start by smoking that Afghan, just don't be too disappointed when you don't get as high from smoking weed again, as Afghan is almost as good as it gets. I wouldn't really recommend smoking that Afghan for the first time, as some people (such as myself) don't get high the first time smoking weed. I smoked mids my first time though, so you might get really high regardless.

    You should smoke out of a bowl, or a bong, I don't smoke out of joints because I find them a waste for small amounts of weed. Don't have a bowl? Use an aluminum soda can, just put a dent in the can (as deep of a dent as you can, but not so much to choke airflow) and then put in a screen, to make a screen just poke roughly 5 tiny holes in the middle of the dent.

    Don't make the holes too big, or you're weed will fall through and you'll lose it. Use the opening where you drink out of to inhale the smoke. I like to light the weed everytime I take a hit, unless there is smoke coming from the top of the weed. As for a bong, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing how to make a home-made, but I don't have the patience to go step by step with you for it.

    You might not want to start off trying to get as much smoke in your lungs as possible when you start off, or you'll cough it all out. I suggest sucking in the smoke without allowing it to get in your lungs, but you should try to make as much airflow as possible in order to get the smoke in your mouth as quickly as possible. Block your throat with your tongue if you have to. Hold it in your mouth and take shallow, quick breathes in to allow the smoke to go into your lungs. And then, voila, release.

    If you really want to get as much weed as possible, collect the resin (condensed ash) that the weed has left over, save it in a bag for later, collect as much as possible for a second time use - people do this when they are on low amounts of green. The hit will be harsh, and you probably won't like it, but it messes you up good. After that, the resin is done, just through it away.

    Another thing you want to look out for is mold on any weed, there's a thread showing how to do that on the forums. And, the drier the weed, most likely the shittier it is. Good luck with smoking, have fun.

  7. haha if its legit kush you 3 should be in for a fun time haha.
  8. 3 noob smokers, + 2g of afghan kush = good. but in all seriousness you guys will probably smoke one or 2 bowl packs and be really really high, that 2 g's will last you a while.
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    They should probably smoke some mids for the first time, so their body can adapt to the THC. That way they're body will give off a more familiar, quicker, and a better reaction to higher potency.

    But I don't know if Afghan is potent enough to just fuck you up regardless. Not sure if it would make the smoker more tolerant to lower standard weed if they just started with something very extreme, to be safe, I would NOT smoke it first, start off easy cowboy.
  10. dank basicly means good shit, and afghan kush is ok, 2 grams will get u both 3 high easy you could probs get high just off a gram between you.
  11. Yeah, when I first started smoking, a 20 sack of schwag would last me a week. Lol, go figure.

    Prepared to be the first stoners on mars, my friends. :smoking:
  12. I'd still smoke mids first, just to be set. Then the next day, smoke the Afghan. You're going to hate if you become extremely tolerable due to what you first smoked. If you become REALLY tolerable then you'll have to smoke even more as it should be of lower grade shit just to get high. Trust me dude, I started with mids - and it worked awesome for me.
  13. fuck starting with mids, just take a single hit (if you know how) of the afghan and see how you feel. If you aren't high, rinse and repeat :D
  14. Man..... 3 noob + 2g afghan kush = 1 hella ride!!! :eek: You dudes should be smokin' mids just for the simple fact that you dudes "NEVER" smoked before and thats some dank shit your smokin. "You gotta crawl before you walk"! I've been smokin' over 30yrs. and that shit gets me ripped!! So I can just imagine what its gonna do to you virgins. But if you do smoke it before you try some mid grade, just make sure you have your shoelaces tight.....cause that shit will knock yo socks off. Have Fun
  15. hi count iam same as you bro been smokin for 35 yr i got 8 master kush growin in a wilma 8 been in veg for 1 wk now and lookin very very good 8 ins high and very strong and and at least 8 inch wide very thick stems another wk and there going into flower they av just started smelling deep paki hash cannot wait for them cheers.
  16. The first time I smoked, I had Green Krack. Since the first time I smoked, I've smoked nothing but good dank shit. Yes, that does mean that I can't smoke stress or even mid-grade chronic and get blazed...but I prefer quality :smoke:
  17. I know it's an old post now but oh well, I'd just like to say, I had 8 tokes of an afghan kush joint earlier, and I got reasonably licked off that! And I smoke most days and am quite tolerant
  18. If it's your first time smoking, you probably won't be able to smoke all of it, your lungs and throat will be hurting (the high generally lessens those though, but it's generally inevitable if you have never smoked before, also considering how potent the kush is.

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