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Afghan Kush Makes Me Smile (Pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FFB, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Just picked this up tonight. The wait for it to arrive was absolutely killing me but it was oh so worth it ;)




    Hope you like them :wave:
  2. haha looks good man, great couchlock high from what ive heard

    stay high :bongin:
  3. have you smoked any? whats the high like?

  4. May I ask for a review? Nice nug none the less.
  5. I've smoked some before. I had a crazy high tolerance at the time so 2 other people and I blazed 4 bowls. I was couchlocked for so long
  6. Picking some of this up 2morro.

    im expecting a couchlocking high
  7. O wow sorry didn't see there where this many responses lol.

    The high from it kinda hits u in the face like a slow truck...sorry if that doesn't make sense im kinda stoned.

    But anyways yea its a definite couch lock...listen to some great tunes high lol

    I actually just picked up somemore of this and some sensi star tonight. I'll try and get some pics up tommorow :wave:
  8. afghan kush/afgush has a heavy indica body buzz, with some batches being a pretty heavy head buzz too. good stoney high with moderate couch lock. dependable indica.
    got a few kinds of afgush in my pck up thread.
    nuce buds :D
  9. I heard that Afghan Kush is mad expensive. How much you ppl think for a Oz?
  10. Hindu and Afghan Kush are my favorite strains really.
  11. Looks great, how was the price?
  12. Me and 3 people split either an oz or 2 of name strains every week from our dealer. Prices are 400 an 0 or 760 for 2. High but im not complaining as the weed we get is well worth it i think lol.
  13. Tyrone with the good explanation as usual.

    Nice buds my man. Happy toking.:smoke:
  14. damn i picked up 1/4 for 100

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