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Afghan & Indian Charas, Moroccan Caramello &'Pollen', Bio Powerplant, Thai (Photos)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Crick&Watson, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Here are some of the latest varieties available in London at the moment:

    In this photo, from the top left :
    Nepalese cream (very sticky black Charas)
    Immediately below it : Afghan Charas mid-grade, most likely border hash.
    Below Afghan : Powerplant organically grown, lovely smoke!
    Bottom : Corner of Thai weed brick. Nice relaxing, but slightly soporific smoke
    Centre : TOP grade afghan charas. Better pictures below
    Top Right : Moroccan Honey Hash - Very high grade lightly pressed kief
    Mid Right : Pavarti valley charas - beautiful spicy smoke, exceptionally fresh.
    Bottom Right : Nepalese charas (Less sticky & fragrant than cream but still excellent smoke)

    Next up are various hashes; from the far left :

    Nepalese cream, very soft & pliable at room temperature, slightly dry example. (2 piece shown parallel)
    Afghan Top grade Charas
    Moroccan Caramello 'egg' - pressed kief, potent hash softens instantly in the hand.
    Moroccan Pressed slate hash - standard smoke, fruit taste & average potency


    Here's a closeup of the Top grade Afghan charas. This quality is phenomenal; too sticky to leave on any surface or it sticks & tears! Incredible smell & taste. Purity is excellent. As you can see in the bottom right corner it has become attached to the plastic surrounding, tearing it when peeled open!


    Another shot of some more of the same brilliant Afghan!


    Below is the Pavarti valley charas cut in half to demonstrate the consistency.


    Same piece before cutting.


    I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I have enjoyed smoking these fine varieties!
  2. All of that looks so delicious.
  3. That hash looks mouth-watering! I wish hash was available like that over here in the U.S.
  4. Thanks! I sometimes wish we had the variety of weed/bud available in the UK that you seem to have in America. If you know someone in England exotic strains can be found but it's difficult to find nicely grown bud.

  5. Now I want hash sooo bad damnit. great pics +Rep
  6. uhm.. pics dont work.
  7. They just take a while to load.
  8. be careful with all that yo!:hippie: haha
  9. That's some sexy hash man :smoking:
  10. Very, very nice. Good variety and descriptions. Thanks for posting :smoke:

    Good to see london still getting good north african stuff.
  11. Excellent, thank you for sharing. There is a noticeable lack of hash (especially variety) on the forums.

  12. there has always been plenty of hash in the UK. not a lot of good weed around unless you know the growers or you grow your own.

    very nice hash pics
  13. nice pick up dude, enjoy them :D
  14. finally someone with decent hash in the Uk. im a londoner myself and i can get some lovely morrocan pollum and afghan pollum and mabye some sticky black everynow and then. Other then that its just soap bar hash wise :(
  15. How hard is that stuff to find up North?
  16. Wow very nice. I wish the US got all these cool unique hashes.
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    Hahaha Op: Users Awaiting Validation
  18. Very awesome post, i'm with anyone else on this one, it all looks amazing!
    Would love to smoke all of those different goodies, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it :)
  19. So what's wrong with that? There are not so many threads about the UK, and starting up an old one which contained people that can answer a question seemed like a good idea to me :) 

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