afgani cave?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cloudman, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. L ive in north cali so there is like a billion great spots to grow out side but i am really lazy so i dont want to hual dirt and water up big ass hills. There is this spot though that is in an ally that is in back of this guys studio but the blinds are allways shut and have a big tie die haning over them so he wont ever see em. the other side is a 7 foot fence. im the only house taht can get to this spotand trust me NO one has been back there in a good twenty years.

    So im confident (maybe overly so) that i can grow there. Any way my freind recomended tahts he could sell me a 8 inch female of a strain called "afgani cave". He says that the reson they call it cave is that it does fine with minimal sunlight (this spot would get like 5 houres of sun), and can evn grow in bushes along as there is good soil and lots of water. I can do both of these things easily. So what do you guys think? Any one know the strain?
  2. if you feel that plot is securew go for it. but i would also have another spot that you have to get off your lazy ass to get to ;) its alot more fun to have a spot a bit far away and its good becaus eif something hapens to one plot like bugs, animals or people finding it. thatway you are more ashured to get a harvest. i wouldnt grow in bushes because its noe worth it. You can grow surrounded by busehes (like me) for cover but i wouldnt purposly grow in shade. more light= more growth and more buds in the end.
    some tips for outdoor growing

    1)use sevendust to repell insects, there will be a problem of soe sort with bugs. Its for tomatos and such so you can find it at your local gardening store.

    2) if you planb on reusing ths site use organic ferts for teh soil dig it up and put 1/4 manure in it along with rich soil and pearlite vermaculite.

    3)Dont baby the plants, only check on them 2 time a week max after the first week when you get everyhing set up. I check on mine once a week and there doing fine.

    4)overwatering/ferting can slow growth and kill plants.

    5) Make slug beer traps around your plants, just put beer in a dish near each plant, thats all.

    6) every time you go take a piss and spread it in a 3' radius around your plants.

    7) Dont tell anyone you know you are growing and where your growing, come to us for any problems question, or you can go to your grower friend since you have one. I dont have any grower friends:(, I just have a friend that helps so he can smoke it with me in the end, cant blame him though :D

    That being said, Go for it make shure you post those pics we love so much :)
  3. Thanks gower for that nice long explanation that will help me out quite a bit.I guess i will get off my ass for this project and take yuor advice. Besides that though i would really like to know if anyone has herd of this "afgani cave" cause ive smoked all kinds of afgani's but never this type. The people (club) that are making the strain are VERY credible and produce some of the stongest weed on the west coast. If any one could tell me what the breed is like that would be great

    BTW I was also offerd a female sensi star plant would that be better?
  4. Ive never head of that strain but its most likley a new cross bred by this group yoour talking about. afgani cave or sensi star i would buy both! you will make your money back in the end and having more plants gives you more choices for nect year to see what strin you like beter. If you only grow one you will never know if you are missing out on better genitics. Aslo you can start a collection of diffrent types of weed and have a setup like in candy stores :D. "Hmm what wil i have todyay?" Dont forget to make clones with the plant and try to keep mother bonzai plants for next year.

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