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affordable vapes!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thompsonbassman, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. hey guys...

    there used to be a really great affordable vape on the grasscity store, i believe it was the original GC vape, but it's not there now...

    now I was planning to purchase that one, and now that I am ready, it's gone! :(

    so I'm in the market for an affordable but decent vape, can anybody help me? i'm looking for preferably something under $70 at the most....

    can anybody tell me the quality of these things?

    Top-Vapor Herbal & Aromatherapy Vaporizer - Online Shop

    Aroma Therapy Super Vaporizer - English -

    Blue Meanie Vaporiser

    Leaf Vaporiser - Online Shop

    any suggestions are welcome!
  2. I've been looking at these too. And here's the answer you're gonna hear from everybody: "don't buy a shitty cheap ass vape, you want to spend a lot of money on one." Which is probably good advice. But I don't have 200 bucks to shell out either. So last night I bought an Easy Vape tabletop vaporizer from ebay for like 80 bucks with the shipping and everything. It comes with a portable Sneak-a-vape. Honestly, the sneak-a-vape looks pretty shitty, but it comes free. Haha. Well I should get it within three or four days (supposedly), and ill try to let you know if it works out or not.I'm gonna be so pissed if it doesn't. Haha. Wish me luck!
  3. You could spend 30 more and get a MFLB. That's what I'm getting and everyone loves them. Portable, quick, groovy.
  4. Just vape off a pan. Put shake in an even layer on a pan on medium heat with a glass over it, then use a straw everytime the glass has filled with enough vapor to hit it. Works everytime for me, and you can experiment with different temps for different highs (the higher the temp, more couchlock. Too high a temp, the thc will be destroyed).
  5. bump! want some good advice!
  6. Just save up for a Magic Flight Launch Box.
  7. I have an easyvape, it works very well and gets me higher then smoking. I can't recommend it due to how many people get faulty units though. I heard Da Buddha has very good reviews on it.
  8. Oh cool, that's the first thing I've heard about the easyvape. Well I bought it with a warranty, so I was thinking maybe trying tobacco with it first? Like if its faulty, I could return it without any ganj smell in there.
  9. Lol no replies to my first post? It actually works really well. And its free.

  10. No it's cool man, just not very practical for chilling in my room is it? :) :smoke:
  11. Most people say that its worth spending the extra cash on a vape since the cheap ones dont seem to work all that well. I plan on getting a MFLB one day haha.
  12. Put up a poll, the launch box will win by a long shot.
  13. A buddy of mine owns an easy vape and it works alright, but as an above poster mentioned, they are sometimes hit or miss with receiving a fully functioning vape. I tried some cheap homemade methods of vaping but just caved and purchased a MFLB. You don't realize how dumb you seem for actually trying other <$150 vapes until you have tried the MFLB. I've yet to find anything that can compare to the MFLB at the price, and the only other vape I would consider would be a da bhudda(which unfortunately is a bit more pricey)

    P.S. That Sneak-A-Vape someone mentioned is complete garbage. Its a rebranded "Sneak-A-Toke" which is just a very poorly designed all in one pipe, NOT a vaporizer of any sort.

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