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  1. So much in the news that people for the most part are glossing over the historic year it is for the Supreme Court. 
    They have ended the arguments on Affirmative Action and all that remains is there ruling. Whats different is one has had to recuse herself since she's worked on it when she worked for Obama. 
    It seems that they have majority against it. There is another case pending dealing with Voting rights and having to notify the Federal Government when a State changes its voting procedures and the one that is finished deals with school admissions. 
    Most are thinking that the Court will strike Affirmative Action down in its entirety through out the US from the results of the case but thats still a guess. 
    Whats everyone thoughts on it. It has far reaching consequences even if you are not a minority. 


  2. I havent heard anything about this(then again I wasn't looking). I hope they get rid of Affirmative Action. Reverse racism is still racism.
    I would agree. Its a interesting case actually. The lady involved was a superior student in every way turned down to the University of Texas solely based on race. Any college would of wanted here added to there student body. 
    Where it gets interesting is she never pursued the lawsuit. She actually went to another college and works as a Accountant. A man whos life long goal to get rid of Affirmative Action persuaded her to go to court. That same guy has financed her entire legal bill so far. Its interesting since not often do you get to see things like that. Hes not big business etc. Hes a retired stock broker who has alot of money and champions this cause. 
  4. i dont get a.a.
    i mean, that is stright up racism. we arnt supposed to hire someone based on their skin color
    yet a.a. calls for that
  5. Affirmative Action was needed at one stage in the US but it is now passed its sell by date.  It came into play in 1961 when the US was a very different country than it is today. It has helped ease minorities into what was a very racist US.
    i totaly agree.
    i think we have passed that stage so long ago, and now we even have a blac man as president.
    i think alot of people out there screaming and crying racism are only riding the back of it for money, power and personal glory
  7. I think there are areas that are better than others, but there are still areas that are beyond racist. Wasn't it a school in Georgia that, just this year, had their first unsegregated prom? There's also selective enforcement which is shown through statistics. Now, you're probably thinking, "This has nothing to fucking do with AA." It does, because it shows there is still racial tension in the states, and a way to ease this tension is through allowing individuals to get into positions they may not be able to access due to race (like not being able to get good enough grades because of where/how they grew up, or not being fully equipped with credentials because of where/how they grew up. The where/how they grew up eventually leads back to racism, and exploitation of their race.) The way this eases tensions is getting the minority into a majority area, and forcing a collaborative work effort. This also allows the children of set AA beneficiary to be intertwined with the majority through their parents position, and they'll continue in this new strata, and cause more minority (or mixed-raced) individuals to be in that strata, thus diffusing racism.

    The nature/nuture aspect works into race in easy-to-see ways. Anyways, that's just my two cents, and I think that racism is something that's gotta end, so giving it a shove in the right direction is a good thing.  This may be muddled, but I had to hurry to get ready for a dentist appointment. Peace. :smoke:
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    nevermind wasnt paying attention or something
  9. That picture reminds me of a moment I had where a black kid told me it's not racist to call white people crackers, he said verbatim "If anything, that's just reverse racism."

    I died a little inside that day.
  10. They probably still need it in the south...

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