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Affects of weed AFTER the high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Namynam, May 20, 2004.

  1. Anyone notice that weed has affected them a lot even when they arent high?
    I dont mean, you smoke once and are "slow for months". Just, it affects your attitude. Im a lot more accepting since i started smoking. I try to not get pissed off as easily. And ive also become a lot less shy/anxious.

    Nothing compares to the high, but i really like how weed changes you, in a positive way, after youve finished smoking the stash.
  2. i know i feel the aftereffects about 20 hours later tho. I call it a high hangover.

    i dont know, i know when i am high i am more defensive, if my mom asks me if ive been smokin and im high ill be like " NO! why do you think i smoke whenever i leave the house!?!" and stuff like that.

    it effects my memory, ill forget to mow the lawn for days.
    Ill also forget to do laundry or just time it out bad.
  3. i forget what i was going to say to someone i was just talking to, i forget where im going when im driving, i forget to make the turn even though i remind myself 20 times before i get there, i forget stuff in class, i forget everything, i forget my plans on what im doing later on. hahah yea but like i can remember some things sometimes, not mostly though. i just now forgot what i was going to say after that last sentence so ill just end it
  4. yes defanantly like after i smoked everything ive smoked so far i feel kinda dumer like i am not as smart as i used to be and also i am so much more chiller like im more mellow now easy to get along wit dont get mad that easy and i cant remember short terms things as well it feels really wierd ill put my cell down and not remmeber then in like 2 hours ill member were i put it

  5. most definately has changed my attitude....i also dont get pissed that much and am not shy anymore. But i know people who get pissed at the littlest things and they smoke.
  6. if weed makes you guys so stupid and forgetful.. WHY DO YOU STILL SMOKE? sure when i'm really really baked i can't remember what happened 3 seconds ago, but that only happens maybe once or twice a month when i decide to get really really baked. and even then it lasts only a few hours, then i fall asleep and wake up feeling great and energized. if you're so forgetful all the time it wouldn't be worth it IMO.
  7. dunno wat it is.. could be cubensis also, or a cfombination of both, but i used to be the kid in class who makes smart ass remarks every once in a while, and gets pist easily, but in between the time started up again (around october, i did the shrooms in september, october,december, and just 2-3 weeks ago) and now, i dont ever really talk out in class, i just watch other dumbasses do it instead, but i still have that attitude..i dont let people push me around

    i used to get bitchy if i didnt get mah weeed, but its not as big of a deal anymore, im not rushing to get high
  8. "i really like how weed changes you, in a positive way, after youve finished smoking the stash."

    man i dunno about you but when i run out, i start lookin for stuff to steal and sell for it.. and if no success there.. then i go rob someone with a pair of pliers, a hammer, and a .45 hollow point bullet. :D

  9. You, my friend, may have a problem, hah.
  10. i just feel real relaxed the next day.. mayb its cuz im tired.. dont have any longterm effects tho

  11. When you get to be 60 or 70 you can do this all the time without any weed at all. Then it's called "senior moments". Think of the money you can save! Trust me--am there--done that!
  12. yah, weed has done some great things. It opens you up and you become so much more chill. i used to be an anal retentive dick, now im a lot more easy going,



  13. where in mass you at....
  14. I have become a peaceloving hippie after smoking much hash for about 3 years now. I wouldnt have it any other way. And im much more involved in drug politics too..
  15. Im just even more mellower than i used to be, im always relaxed, sometimes a bit lazy, and very mellow. I dont really get pissed off with anyone, and i never have arguments.
  16. yeah ive become more mellow too, and its sweet cuz my grades havnt dropped at all
  17. i think its all depends on the maturity of a person
    weed is like my sancuary...spelling who gives a shyte
    i unwind with it i laugh with it i clean with it i need it and it needs me.
    it has definately changed my attitude while smoking or after smoking
    im more acceptive i smile more and i dont point out bad things anymore i point out the good things.
    i.e. my pet peeve is when people ask why are you smoking? cig or weed.
    because i need to man , some people are so judgemental when they havent had the experience or good times that i may experienc3e when im on weed the less experience their times are based on pressure times or when they are trying to hide. when you are a smoker the last thing you care about is why people are doing what their doing. it has made me non judgemental and more ambitious to see what else i can find /experience that makes me happy. weed is so simple and so pleasing think about people that dont smoke drink and have to travel half way around the world to relax
  18. When i am high i just sit there, if someone says something about me ill just say "ah, screw it i dont wanna argue..." or sometimes ill just talk all the time and start shit. most of the time i just sit, watch tv, eat, forget what happened a minute ago. then go to sleep a couple hours later. ive been to school stoned and i just sit there drawing. the teacher once asked me a question and i just sat there drawing, i must not have known she was talking to me. She knew i was high.

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