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affects of marijuana use on the mind and body (Canker sores, mood swings)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TommyChong69420, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. So I've been smoking almost daily since 2015 and stopped for about two months. Occasionally I'd develop minor canker sores on the tip of my tong. They usually stay small and go away in a week. Cutting them off and pressing a burnt match stick against it would usually get rid of them fast. Around 4 weeks ago whilst going on this first long tolerance break, I developed this canker sore problem again. This time it was much worse than before and took longer for it to go away. I took Mexican antibiotics, salt water, honey, baking soda ect. until it went away 3 weeks later. Now at the time I was under high amounts of emotional stress. Previously I was using weed to release my stress. Finally a day ago, after 2 months decided to subdue my stress by breaking my tolerance. The day before I was extremely stressed and began to feel that familiar sting on the tip of my tong but no sore yet. After smoking again however, the very next day I noticed again that the a canker sore had developed and turned into a small white bump. I heard these are caused by stress but my sister has me spooked that it can be some form of HPV. I've been meaning to see a doctor but I'm totally broke and my parents don't want to help me, thus adding to my stress. Another note on the "mind" topic of weed affects. I've been keeping my emotions in check despite my extreme stress and desperation to find work. After taking 1 bong rip the next day I find myself to be very irritated and having angry emotional outbursts. I always felt this way when I stopped smoking. Does smoking weed lead to caker sores? Is weed negatively impacting my emotions and making me angry? Should I start consuming pure CBD to release stress?

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