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Discussion in 'General' started by dope123, May 28, 2003.

  1. i want to know whether weed has an affect on yuor lungs like do you get emphisema
  2. I think that weed is just as bad for you as tobacco, minus the extra nasty chemicals in baccy.

    it's complicated really... cannabis is supposed to contain more tar than tobacco, but then there are so many factors which make me believe that tobacco is worse.

    -THC (supposedly) widens the airway, meaning less tar and carcinogens are deposited in your lungs and throat and more simply goes straight back out.
    -80% of tobacco related deaths are caused by radioactive chemicals which by law have to be used as fertiliser. this isn't in weed
    - cannabis isn't addictive so you won't find yourself unconrtollably smoking 20 spliffs a day.
  3. i just tried drinking hash, tonite hasn't kicked in yet tho. so you dont have to smoke it.
  4. EEEWWW, drinking hash? thats gotta taste like ASS! or at least id imagine

  5. cant be worse then cigs.
  6. no that bad really! just the aftertaste, that was sick. took a while to kick in buts its one hell of a high when it does!
  7. dope - you should vaporize ;)
  8. Yeah, vaproization causes minimal harm to the lungs if at all. More on the pricey side though, but definitly worth it. Just pure THC gettin into yo' lungs.

  9. tut tut d9thc, have you been talking to frank?

    Cannabis leaf & the stems have higher tar content than tobacco, something like 4 times to 10 times as much, i cant quite remember the exact figures for each. But what the hell are you doing smoking these parts anyways!!!? Cannabis Bud, has WAY less tar than tobacco.

    so next time some prohibitionist fool tells you that one cannabis cigarette is 20 times as bad for you as a tobacco cigarette, 1)dont believe him and 2) don't spread his lies throughout the cannabis comunity.


    but not only is there the tar issue, there are the additives... thousands of them in tobacco... so you're not just smoking tobacco (not the healthiest of things to do in the first place), but all the other addicting chemicals that the tobacco companies have added... the governments love this because they gain loads of revenues from the taxes.
    also, THC destroys cancerous cells.

    as for emphisema.... i have not ever seen any report sugesting any link between the two. i havnt seen anything saying it does not cause emphisema, but i havnt been looking. i dont think cannabis lacerates your airways like tobacco does, so, no i dont think it causes it t all.

    "- cannabis isn't addictive so you won't find yourself unconrtollably smoking 20 spliffs a day."

    unless of course you smoke it with tobacco. ;p

    as an asthma sufferer i can praise the herb for allowing me to breath without the use of chemical inhalers. oh the relief!

    and what's wigh the expressions of exclamation @ someone drinking hash!?
    there are other ways to take your ganja without incinerating it or inhaling it you know.

    cannabis is one of the safest things on the planet. safer even than water!

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