AFD's and Floydians grow.

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  1. So we have some good HIGH mid seeds that we germinated in a wet paper towel for two days. Today we then placed them in nitrogen rich soil, in styrofoam cups, which had the soil watered then drained (hole in bottom of the styrofoam cups). They then had a piece of cling wrap over the top of then, and a rubber band around that. They were placed on the window sill for a bit, then into a cupboard. When they sprout they will be put into a cardboard box with aluminum foil in it.

    First off, what type of light should I use for them? There is 6 plants. I am thinking some CFLs. We will also have a fan on the plants, as they will be in a closet. We only want them inside for 1 or 2 monthes, then they will be transplanted out doors, any information is helpful, remeber this is our first grow.


    p.s.- pics coming tommorow!
  2. sorry cant answere your questions but wanted to say good luck:D and i cant wait to see the finished products keep us poted:hello:
  3. So they are in a closet? I would go with an HPS Personally, but seeing that your goign to put them outdoors to flower, i think you could get by with some floros. I would get maybe 2- 100watters, to start with. Then as they get bigger your going to need to get more CFL. Everything else seems good though. Post some pics of the space and plants!
  4. Will do tommorow. Yeah, i was thinking two 100W CFLs for a good month or two, then they will transplant out doors. We have a good spot for them, pics will come tommorow.


    p.s.- How much should i expect to pay for each 100W CFL?
  5. looking forward to it man. i got a good feelin about this one!!
    Just Blaze It.....
  6. Yeah, me also. 6 out of the 7 seeds that I had picked from my best batch of seeds shot out some nice tap roots. All looks good on day 1. I'll go take pictures first thing tommorow morning when I go to floydian's. It will just be the set up, as to we just put the seeds in soil today.

  7. cfl will do the trick if you HAVE to but I'd GrOw with HPS if I were you...a good unit doesn't run the power bill up at all and is rather cheap! and the difference is just the what you want though....good luck btw, looks like I will be seeing very much of you over here on this side of the neighborhood
  8. its kinda alot of money still if your only planning on starting them indoors then planting outdoors. although there would be the added benefit of being able to grow all the way indoors if the need be..........
    Just Blaze It......
  9. Well, I'll have 6 plants, hopefully that sprout, I'm HOPING 3 out of these 6 are female. What would you guys suggest for lighting for say...give or take... 4 plants? What wattage would you reccomend CFL (two-100W), or how much wattage for a HPS. Money is also a concern, as is space. What will take up the SMALLEST amount of space, for the smallest price. Remeber this is only going to be 1-2 monthes, then they will be outdoor.

  10. oh srry, didn't see that you stated they were going to be outdoors...then really its according to if you just wanna get a HPS for the future use too... I would go with a 250 watt HPS unit from 100 bucks isn't to much for something of its quality:hello:
  11. See I'm not looking to spend $100 on lights, when the plants will be going out doors. I think I will just buy 2 100W CFLs.. Me and Floydian will take a run to Walmart and Menards today to check prices and whats avaliable. Plants don't need any lights untill they are sprouted, correct?

  12. How much arew those cfl's? there probably not actually 100w's...actual 100w's cfl's are around $35 a piece atleast. There probably a 23w cfl..which is equal to about 100w's of incandescent light. Your not going to grow any plant up to a month or two old without spending atleast $70 or so. You'd need to use like atleast 10 of those 26w cfl's to grow a healthy plant for 1-2 months. And even then, they wouldn't grow 6 plants...maybe 2-3.
  13. I haven't even looked at any yet. I just said I'll probley pick up two 100W CFLs. If not I'll buy three 85W CFLs. That should take care of the plants for a month, month and a half.

  14. HIGH All, yes if you don't need the HPS later on down the road I'd do the 100w cfl's if you can get them.
    Good luck AFD..looking forward to some outdoor Babies.
  15. correct:D
  16. good luck Aimed!!! :smoke:

    i cant wait to see your babies all grown up.
  17. Well here's the pictures I promised. It's nothing special, by any means. The box is simply a card board box lined with tinfoil, dullside down. The plants cups have seeds that have been germinated and the tap roots cracked out. They have been planted for one day. I also found some 42w spiral CFLs, they are $9 and I think I'll get 4 of them, you think that will be enough for a month or so? I threw a pic of my pipe in there for the hell of it, had an urge to take a picture of it.


    They were just put in the box for the hell of it, otherwise they are on the window sill untill they sprout.

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  18. Monday we will be putting the plants in the box, along with four 42w CFLs, and a fan. Does anyone know where I can find some small lamps that can hold 42w CFLs? They are the screw in kind but smoke say "23w only" and such. Also, is four 42w CFls enough? They are $9 each.

  19. The foil is no good try to get some mylar or shiny giftwrap, or even white paint works better, just a little constructive criticism, Peace
  20. Care to explain why foil doesn't work? Shit. It's reflective. I can get gift wrap, and white paint, but why not foil?


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