Aesop Rock

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  1. I have had Non Shall Pass for a little over a year (i think) And it has made it self one of my top hip-hop albums so far. He's in the same class/genre as Immortal Technique, but slightly lesser known. Personally, he has a colder and more dark, foreboding sound to him then Immoral. (see video) So tell me what you think of the guy. And hell, mention people like him. Share the music, share the wealth.
  2. Ya Aesop is Aces

    I personally prefer Labor Days to None Shall Pass but that is personal preference

    if you like him check out El-P and Cannibal Ox...they have similar sounds
    People also like Atmosphere and Sage Francis but I never felt like they had that similar styles

    Hopefully that helps
  3. Hell yeah aesop rock is so good, my favorite song is oxygen

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