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  1. Hi every one I'm new to indoor growing, I have set up areoponic system and my plants are about 2 weeks old and growing good so far. I have a few question with this type of system
    1: how many time do you change the water
    2: feeding how many time do you feed your plants before you change water thats even if you have to with this kind of system

    thank you
  2. Change the water once every 7-10 days.

    You put the nutrients in your reservoir and they continuously feed the plant. Running the aeroponic system with straight water for a day or two is a nice way to flush plants out.

    Run straight water for your last week before harvest to flush out any built up salts!
  3. Also, when you change your reservoir every 7 - 10 days, you will need to increase the nutrients a bit to keep up with the plants growth. Dont over do it though :)
  4. thank you for your help
  5. please i need this information.
    ISit true that fact that the bubbler for where the roots is not suppost to be on 24/7
    onmy on just to oxygenate the nutrient water??
  6. i am not a pro grower with aero veg or flower but i do clone and think of my self as an expert here in clones using aero so i can give important pointers hope they help some. . yes the bubbles are running 24/7 also in our veg we change the water monthly its still clean . the buckets are 15 gallons so smaller you need to change more often
    as long as its kept cool and it depends on the amount of water you actually have in the container . it wont hurt to change it too often just costs cash for nutrients .
    key point i would add you need to keep the water cool to keep clean water . if its too hot get green slime and stem rot root rot no matter how often you change the water it wont matter if its to hot .. my temps are constant 63f what they like here but every situation is different

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