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  1. does any1 on here grow with them? r they worth the hassle?
  2. Ive read about aeroponics before but never used.
    It's a very advanced way of growing.
    and I think is much better than hydro using a constant flow of O2 to the roots.
    But I think It would also be very expensive.
    just surf the net for aeroponics and you will find somthing.
  3. i have done.

    i use a aero-cloner (SWC) to clone and im verry impressd with it.

    the reason i ask is cus im thinking of setting up half of my next grow with aeroponics and the other half normal hydro and c if it is as good as is said.

    they do cost big bucks to either buy or build tho so im thinking if its a load of hassle and high maintance then i wont bother.
  4. You can get a system with nine 5 inch net pot for around $270
  5. never buy a premaid hydro setup, they're a rip off. the onyl time you should conside buying a system is if you are missing BOTH hands. aeroponics is just a fancy word for most NFT sustems, which are hydroponic. all aero is is a constant (or frequent) spray of water onto roots suspended in air, some call it aeroponics, others call is NFT (nutrient film technique).

  6. i have 2 NFT troughs on the go so i hear wot ur saying.

    NFT is rockwool sitting on spreader mat that the roots grow into then that is kept wet. the roots have water on 1 side and air on the other giving them all the air and water they need.

    thats the theroy. in realaty its a very had system to get running at 100%. 80% is easy tho and thats an amazing amount better than soil.

    the problem is keeping the water level low enough. normaly ther is to much water in the trough thats y my pumps r on a timer. they run for 15mins then off for 75mins, (15min timers) as the plants get bigger they will be taken down to 15mins on 15mins off in stages. this lets the roots get max air and helps root growth

    with aeroponics the roots r held in air and misted, ther by getting rid of all the drawbacks of NFT which in its self is an amazing system.

    the system i was thinking of building holds the stem of the plant and all roots hang in the mist. a lot more clomplecated than the aero cloner i built.
  7. rockwool issnt the only NFT system, there are lots. most of which is a long tube, with holes in the side, and either a steady flow of water along the bottom, or spray jets inside the tube. i'm thinkin of making a tiny litte 4 plant dual tube NFT jet system. tiny enough to fin if my 2x2 box:D

  8. thanx 4 the link mom. i'll have a good read of that l8r.

    hippie john.
    yeah i know RW aint the only nft but it is the most common and i was using it as an example, just worded it bad. thanx 4 pointin that out.

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