Aeroponics, what kind of filter to prevent sprayers/nozzles from clogging?Mesh/Micron

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what kind of filters you are using to prevent your nozzles/sprayers from clogging.

    If I am not mistaken all the large aeroponic manufacturers (GHE etc.) are only using foam type filters which are mounted on the pump if I am right?

    Are these kind of foam filters (see attached) enough or is a finer filter necessary?

    Currently I am using a 100 micron/140 mesh filter (see attached) but it is nearly completely clogged up after two days.

    As I am getting tired of cleaning the filter I was asking myself If I should run my aero system without one and just use the foam filter of my pump.

    Theory suggests that I have to use a 177-140 Micron filter.

    I am using sprayers/nozzles which are similar to the EZ ones in my aeroponic system, but they probably have a slightly larger orifice as they have a 30% higher gph rating (42gph/160l vs 31gph/120l).

    Here is some data on the EZ Nozzles:

    .075" orifice, rated at 31 gph at 20 psi and 10.8' diameter coverage

    A .075" orifice equals 0,19mmm.

    Hence I would need a 80 mesh (0,177mm, 177 Micron) or 100mesh (0,149mm, 149 Micron) filter?

    What do you guys think and what kind of filters are you using?

    I would rather prefer to clean the nozzles every month and stop using a 100 micron filter which clogges up after two days.

    The clogging happens due to nutrient buildup. My nutrients are Advanced Nutrients 3-part.


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  2. I cut one of my nozzles open now and measured the orifice and it was exactly 2mm.

    Hence I figured that I made a mistake by converting the .075" orifice of the EZ clone sprayers to mm.

    They have a 0,19cm and not 0,19mm orifice, hence 19mm is the correct value.

    To prevent particles larger than 19mm coming through the filter you will need a ~1700 micron / 12 mesh filter and hence my 100micron filter was way overkill.

    I removed it now and I am just running the foam filter right now.

    These metal filter screens which are often attached to return/check valves will also do the job (roughly 1700-1900 micron).

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