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  1. I am a new member. I am a California medical marijuana patient. I have been experimenting with growing aeroponic, have taken some knocks, and am almost ready to build my system.
    I will have a high-pressure pump feeding nutrient solution to mister nozzles. The mist generated will be pumped through the root zone of 6 plants by a waterproof fan (looking into a duct booster).
    What I can't find, and what I need to know to build, is how much root space do I need? My root tunnel will be fully drained and will be 18" deep. I need to know is will a tunnel one foot wide due or do I need two foot wide? The one foot wide tunnel will be a much easier build because two side by side will be smaller then the "room". If I go two foot wide it will be like building a ship in a bottle. My plan is 6 plants in a "room" 4'X8' 7'2" tall (4 to 8 sq.ft. for fans etc.). That makes a finished plant 2' dia. by 3' tall or a little larger because I need 24" for root space and drain and 2' light clearance (1000W HPS in a cool tube).
    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Hey wasup dude

    Aeroponics - Forums

    you should check this section out...there might be some good info in there for ya....or maybe try reposting..... there are prolly more aero experts lurkin around there

    Peace :smoke:
  3. You might get more answers posting in Advanced Growing Techniques. Its the ultimate but to unforgiving for me if some thing fails the roots can dry out in a matter of hours and all your plants are dead. I like to be able to leave my grow alone without worrying.

    But good luck post some pix when you get it going.
  4. Check out my signature for my setup as I am growing aeroponically. Feel free to shoot me a pm if needed. Just about to harvest my first grow :)
  5. Root size is directly proportionate to the size and yield of a plant so if you want bigger plants you need more space for the roots to grow in.
  6. Exactly

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