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  1. Not only am I new to aeroponics, im a first time grower as well. I set up a 6 site closet aeroponics system and currently have 4 plants (gender unknown) growing. It's been about three weeks anf the roots on all four are hanging in the water. Out of curiosity is tgat bad for the health of the plants?
  2. well i dont know a whole lot about this BUT, may i sujest that the way of growing plants that you have chosen is by aerophonics, so the roots hanging in the water may be a bad idea. from what ive read its looks like you are suposed to spray the roots with a very rich nutrient spray, please correct me if im wrong. and also the extra nutrients would gather in the water therefor chem.burning your roots? thats just what i think more info on a diy aero-grow would be greatly apreiciated :):)

  3. No,No, and no.

    The roots suspending in the water will be no problems a the water is not oxidized from the spraying on the root above the water. How much of the root system is above/below.

    Imo a little inside the resivoir is best because that cuts down on chances of death if somehow the power goes off or whatnot. They will grow faster, however, if they all all out of the water as they et maximum oxidization. I doubt you are fogging them or using a small enough mist to support maximum growth, though?

    good luck, your setup will be fine!
  4. Is this thread dead ? I don't want to write n write if is dead ! lol
  5. Its ok if it gets in water but i would suggest you switch to a reservoir system. If a reservoir is not possible use some air stones in your current set up to provide oxygen in the water.
  6. not related, but does anybody know of the best/affordable/dependable foggers. I'd like to make a gradual aeroponic conversion of some of my PVC systems. Are foggers really the shit?

  7. The heat the solution so quickly, I won't bother, however that's my Opinion. !

    Beside that check at Ebay, Amazon n research the net.

  8. In my opinion the best foggers (and water-delivery products) are made by Netafim. You'll find them at an agricultural supplier, not necessarily in a hydro-shop. Further, ag suppliers typically don't sell online so you'll need to call a few in your area.

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