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  1. please clear something up for me as i have yet to find the answere myself.
    true aero high pressure 50 micron or less.
    once the root mass is covered the droplets are no longer 50 microns.there just wet lol.
    low presure squirt it on. i understand its not aeroponics as nasa intended but is there really a differance in yield between the two?
    then theres the bubble bucket high oxygen content in water and some of the roots are swimming.
    ebb and flow..they all have the roots absorbing more oxygen.
    help help.
  2. as i understand it yes. higher pressure or enough to get a fog\mist out of the nozzles you use is what you're looking for. true aeroponic roots have very fine hairs developing off the roots.

    here is a thread at another forum you can check out, although i'm unsure of the posting rules here.

    True HP Aero For 2011

    a lot of info and pics can be found there but from what i understand between wet roots (hydroponics) and fogged roots, so to speak,(aeroponics) is about a 20-30 increase in growth, all other factors being the same.
  3. I know this is soo dead, but just wanted to say that in HP aero, ideally the roots do NOT get soaked, otherwise just like you say, they might as well been hit with a sprinkler. You only want a fine vapor in the air that doesn't soak them...
  4. Roots on roots on roots

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