Aeroponics and Bubbleponics home made system

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    Ok everyone this is my first post here, years ago i use to do some growing, but then got married, and man times have changed. This is an idea that i have came up with for an Aeroponic/Bubbleponic System. Since i have not done this is many years i am sure i will have a few setbacks, but have done some serious reading and research.
    I was reading some of HerbalRemedies grow journals which really made me want to design my own system.
    I have seen similar systems but they are EB flow.

    I chose a 55 gallon drum for a reservoir as you can purchase a 55 gallon drum liner for the drum and making cleaning the reservoir a snap!
    I also chose 7 gallon buckets, as to give the roots plenty of room for air, and to hang.
    10" Net pots fit perfect on the tops of the buckets with no alteration at all.
    I also chose a dual float system that can work both pumps on one float, it can fill, and empty the reservoir all on one switch, and maintain a constant 5" of water in the buckets for the air stones. If the misting adds to much water to the buckets it will pump back into the reservoir.
    I also added a Pro Mist R70 unit to run independent, but using the same reservoir. I am also thinking about just misting with a separate R/O water reservoir, and use the nutrients in the Bubbleponic to feed, as the roots will surely reach for that water.​

    Do you guys think that this is over kill? Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. Since i finally got rid of my ball and chain (Wife), i figured it was time to build my own system!


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  2. This is so fucking cool. I've been thinking of building a DWC bubble bucket like RumpleForeSkin, but this is explaned in much better detail. How much cash will this run you. Dude Private Msg me cuz I wanna know how this works.
  3. good job on the ball and chain....

    oh and the set up is sweet too....


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