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  1. check out this site

    i was looking at this new indoor aeroponic gardening system. it seems cool. it is supposed to be for fruits and herbs and stuff, it comes with preseeded "pods", but you can order empty pods and put your own seeds in them. anyway, i called a sales consultant and asked about growing marijuana with it. she said to me "i've heard of it before , but legally i can't tell you anything." now i want one. i wanna see how well it works. i've heard that growing weed indoors can cost a lot of money, and it seems like this might be relatively cheap for what it can do.
  2. It's way too small to grow pot in... It would have to be the smallest, most pathetic pot plant ever to grow it in that. Actually, I don't think it would even make it unless you trimmed the roots and put an airstone in the res. It says aeroponic but the roots just dangle in the water with no air. I was actually pretty dissapointed by it being called aeroponic and not even using fog, but it looks like it works for kitchen herbs. I just wouldn't be caught dead trying to grow a pot plant in one.
  3. just go all out and buy an aero 6 system from your local hydro store.. it's soo worth it bro..

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