Aeroponic/Hydroponic water amount question

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  1. I am currently doing a grow in soil, however I found these instructions how to build an aeroponic veg unit on the high Times site High Times > How to Grow a Pound Every Three Weeks however it is designed for growing 18 plants. He uses 2 18 gallon totes, now I am only going to grow 8 plants at the most could I get away with using 10 gallon totes? With that unit I calculated about 1 gallon of water per plant is that the general rule of thumb? if not what is the general rule of thumb?

    Thank you
  2. Take a look at my system, if you like it, I can help you out building one.

    It's basically an aeroflo, which is better than that aero tub you have a link to. I use tubs like that for cloning but they aren't good for blooming weed.

    When I build a system I like to have at least 12-15 gallons in there, to prevent pH spikes and so on.

    Build around a 25-30 gallon tote, and fill it halfway.
  3. The two 18 gallon totes are for vegetating the young plants, not going to flower. Stinkbud has three separate systems - cloning, vegetating, and flowering. What is nice about his system is that it is scalable.

    (By the way, the High Times article is incorrect. The publisher left out part of the system. Go to for the complete system.)

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