Aeroponic grow- 1st attempt

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  1. Hi there,
    I have never posted anything on this website but I thought it looked like fun. I am attempting to grow two plants in an aeroponic system for the first time. I have two small LED panels and two 100 watt equivilant blue spectrum cfls as lighting in a 5x5x7 grow tent(I was originally planning on growing several more plants). So far I only have gh flora grow and micro as nutrients, hoping that will suffice for at least a couple weeks until I can purchase more materials. I was wondering if I need to soak my hydoton pebbles in anything to get them ready for my system? And what is a realistic yield even if in a range, for two plants in a five gallon container for twelve weeks or so? Any advice would be great to hear:D
  2. pulling up a seat.. i too want to try my hand at areo/hydroponics..
  3. I'm very excited about the idea of starting an aeroponic system, I tried growing some bag seeds in soil about a year ago and it went much better than I could have hoped, although I had to stop right when my plants started to flower for several reasons. I had 10 plants going and 7 of them turned out to be females, I chopped the tops off a couple times when they were growing into my lights but overall I was pleased with their growth. With that said, I had seen photos and videos of people using hydroponics and their 3 week old plants looked like mine did in week 5 or 6, so that really made me want to give hydro/aero a go
  4. I took a couple pictures of my first seedling, but I can't figure out how toupload them :-/
    How do you do that?
  5. I've been reading info and watching a few videos about LSTing and supercropping, I'm excited for my plants to grow a little so I can start experimenting with that :)
    Also, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Super bat Super tea and or Budswel? I've been researching nutrients to add to my currrent mix
    Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated :D
  6. So LSTing and supercropping increase the yield by making the plant think that the bent or broken point needs to grow upwards, giving you more main colas. How much can you potentientially increase your yield per plant by using these techniques as opposed to only having the plants grow vertically?
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  8. I was just checking out your thread. I am just finishing up a 7 plants grow 5 separate dwc 5 gallon buckets. it's going great I just started flushing all yesterday, all except my alien og. my pre 98s and my platnum are frosty as hell and super dense. I am going to do 1 more d w c grow a that I have in the vegetative state right now, and then I will do aeroponics or some sort of ebb n flo, no I will be keeping an eye out. I designed a sprayer, like a field goal post with 3 poles instead of 2, with a water pump on the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket, and an airstone in the bottom. of course I will have to test this B4 I give it a full go ahead. of course this is being gay I tried to add an
  9. What strains are the plants you've been growing? Have you done any topping or training or just letting them go
  10. I'm flowering my third grow, and vegging my fourth. and I am still on the quest for the perfect strain. my first platinum was good, so on my second grow I got another and it turned out to be disapointing. I am very impressed with the pre 98 bubba kush, the yield is good but but could be bigger but the quality is top top shelf. my alien og is pretty good at only 3 feet tall. huge top, but again not a big yielder. In my veg tent, I have more pre 98 and platinum, a l a confidential that was cloned from my last grow that died, xxx og, which is a giant, blue venom and white ukrle. I am going to look into diablo og, and some sky walker hybrids for good yields. I think topping and curing is my best part of the game. it increases the yield by a little bit, and it will increase the potency buy a lot.
  11. That sounds really cool those are some killer strains you're working with. This is my first grow and I'm just going with some white skunk and black widow, I don't know much about either so it should be fun :) yeah I've read that the cure has a lot to do with the smell and potency. I had never really thought about it that much before
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