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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RedSorcerer, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. If roots like the air in the reservoir in an aeroponics setup, why not put a fan at the bottom of the reservoir to aerate the roots?
  2. image you could, might even make the roots thicker like it does to the stem, but electric and water doesnt mix well
  3. Point well taken. I'll have to think of some waterproofing methods.
  4. I think just the air movment caused by the areoponic sprayers would be enough, I don't know if its so much that the roots like well circulated air as just not to be drowned.
  5. What about an air pump pumping air into the root reservoir?

  6. Welcome to the world of DWC ;)
  7. Waterproof fan FTW.
  8. LMAO:smoke:

    but if you pumped air into the res wouldnt all the nutrient rich mist float away with the displaced air?
  9. essentially you're describing a dwc system like mels said. you hook up an air pump to a bubblestone and stick it in the water. the bubblestone aerates and add dissovled oxygen to the water for the roots.

    by mixing aeroponics and dwc you're making "bubbleponics" a new buzzword for growing like that, that i've heard now and then.
  10. Haha, I've done two seasons in bubble buckets, so I'm aware of the bubbleponics concept.

    I'm referring to inducing air into the resivuor that's not submersed in water. Is this a similar concept.
  11. What would happen if you had a fan just blow on the roots??

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