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  1. Did some clones in rockwool a little while back and by ten days, i got impatient and opened the cubes to check for roots, with barely any showing, I decided to build a aeropoinc system with misters. ended up buying an 80site aero cloner for $100bucks. ...normally root in 3-10days......

    I plan on taking cuttings and dipping them some in stim-root no2 and the others in JuicyRoots by see whos is best for aero set-up
    I know you can use plain water in these sytems with good sucess, but does anyone use Organis B by Advaned Nutrients as a root booster? or No shock?i heard it stimulates root growth.....
    i have both these and revive and wondering which one to use in my Resivoir....

  2. You should check out my post for ez cloner or similar thread a little lower in this column.

    You should feed your mothers the organic B, a very mild dose and no Ntrogen for a week or less before you cut. And some THRIVEALIVE...Foliar
    As far as in the cloner itself, only put something like POWERCLONER or KLN, and some form of B vitamin THRIVEALIVE works good, and go light on it! Absolutley NO NITRO in cloner, or really NO ORGANIC FERT, just cloning products and B vitamins in low doses....Nitro= no roots(more than in KLN)...organics equal possible CONTAMINATION! (other than KLN OR POWERCLONER TYP LIQUID if that stuff is organic?) You can add HYDROGUARD or B. Subtilis to keep things beneficially clean, but straight water with the KLN THRIVEALIVE should do it! Preparing your moms is really more crucial in the EZ cloner set up...because if you have the water temp at 68F, start the PH at 5.2, and two T5 bulbs 18 inchs up, A CLEAN SYSTM,And correctly cut clones without embolisms dipped into good should have roots in 7-10 days or less! ITS really the dissolved oxygen in the water that does the trick....You could use H2O2 but it burns the first root tips, so its best to add it around day 5, when the roots are really past the teeny tip point and getting longer, or about the time shit could get pythium conditions.... If the water gets past 72 or 75 once its to keep it around 70- 68 is optimul! EZ cloners require a really cool space or a WATER CHILLER. The PH will rise to about 6.5 when they are done...they should be done at that point or you might as well start over! At 5.8- 6.1 is when they start pokin out....get long through to 6.5 then things are going out of range and its time to transplant! good luck
  3. i dont have thrivealive or any powercloner, but i'll use the organic b in my res and try foliar spraying them a little no shock.

    i finished changing my 80site to a 40sites with a smaller rubbermaid container.

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  4. Repeat DONOT use Organics in the cloner..:confused:.bacterial infections! especially if your temps are at all high!
  5. I have used my diy aero cloner for a little over a year and have to say its alot easier than your making it sound glutamate. I have never added anything other than superthrive to my water(tap) and within 5-7days I have a nice root system...not to say what your doing is wrong, but its not as tempermental as you discribe it...hell I dont even keep mine under direct light, its off to the side in my mother box.
  6. well i'll be getting some Superthrive tomorro.... and off to the races.
  7. Thats what Im the cloner barely use anything...superthrive and thrive alive are basically the same thing...KLN is minor stuff for rooting you dont need it! Hell you dont need anything just optimul cleanliness temp and ph the temp makes the DOxy that makes the roots...the hard part is the cleaning in between to keep out the pathogens!
  8. what is your PPM @ after adding your superthrive in your rez????
  9. Why use anything at all until they have roots? Seems like a waste to me. Just let the rooting gel/powder do it's thing. You have an 80 site cloner, cut more clones than what you need, and if some don't root, who gives a shit? It's much cheaper that way than adding a bunch of 20-50$ per liter additives that increase the chances of something that should already have a very high success rate.

    Superthrive is pretty cheap tho, I'll give that a shot the next time I'm doing clones.

    @glutamate: I don't know why you keep bouncing around to every hydro thread spouting "YOU NEED EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT ON THOSE SHELFS!!!LOLOL!!!" But for whatever reason it does make you annoying. I'm trying to grow weed, not collect them all.

    And if I was buying all the products that you keep mentioning, it would most definitly be cheaper to buy my weed on the streets.

    Also, you notice how I separate my groups of related thoughts into paragraphs to make it easier for people to read? I would find you much less annoying, and maybe take you more seriously if I could read your posts without the added effort of doing my own organizing.

    Yeah, I'm evil, and I rip on people. We all have our faults.:D I really do try to play nice tho:rolleyes:
  10. Im only going to be on these forums for a second and try to clear up some info and help people a little bit! After that Im sure i will get bored and move on to someting else!

    Im not advocating to go out and buy every product, Im telling you how to use the products for successful crops!

    He was asking what kind of stuff too put into the cloner...I told him what could go into it and told him to go really light on it! And I told him a couple of times that nothing was needed in the cloner!

    Yeah im sure my posts are hard to decipher, but if you do you will find lotsa good info that might just wise you up a little!

    But I will try to paragraph better. ...

    I didnt come to this forum to RIP on people, I really just came to give some hard knowledge...Im actually thinking about not posting anymore any not passing on any secrets!!!!

    I mean shit the PH secret I gave up about starting at 5.2 and it rises to 6.5 by the end...come on!

    thats good shit even if you do have to decipher it!!

    but in all honesty im a rambler like i said just sittin here watchin things transform and thought it would be fun just having gotten my first computer to forum a little!

    I ll be over soon

  11. do you leave your mister on all the time....or ON 15mins ,OFF for 45mins???
  12. 24/7 is the way
  13. thought so....
  14. I just add 2-3 drops from dropper...and I honestly cant remember what it was when I tested it(dont test everytime I clone, I tested religiously in begining but found it comes out the same eachtime I did I quite testing) sorry for no exact number for ya.
  15. Your ppms should be 100 or less! 35?? I use a blue lab truncheon so those super low amounts ....
  16. ^^sounds about right, but its been awhile and I have not had to test in over a yr.
  17. well i think i have SUCCESS.... the last couple days i noticed that the mister water would drip off the end of the clones and the water would magnify the roots area, just little tiny root hairs so far but in a few more days they should be ready......woohoo...
  18. AWESOME!!! Did any of my tips help?
  19. I also use that Truncheon and two others.they are x500 so yes they will convert to a lower # than others.

    The ppm i would guess would depend on the orig. starting ppm,i use a zero ppm R/O and ST raises it a little,it says use 1ml per gal. of water,is this good for a cloner?
  20. 1 ml per gal. should be fine, but I bet you that less will still work, try half that and see what happens!

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