Aerolights, a circular light mover; an old idea, with a twist...

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  1. I designed these lights one night while spacing out, looking at my fan in the grow room.
    it was causing my two lights to 'sway' back and forth, just a bit. the fan was set on 'med', and oscillating. I thought to myself, "self, if those lights moved a bit more, I wouldn't get any 'hotspots' and could actually lower those lights a bit more, loosing less 'lumens'." so, I turned the fan on high, and the lights swayed just a bit more. but, not quite enough. at the time, I wasn't even aware a 'light mover' existed. so, I decided to experiment a bit.
    first, I tried taping some card board to the lights. [​IMG]

    this worked, but the movement was, practically, unidirectional. that was ok, but I wanted even more movement, in more directions. I decided to try a slightly different approach. still, I wanted to utilize the power of the wind my fan was already creating. imo, it was a wasted resource! only strengthening the stem of the plant, tsk, unbelievable waste!! ha!
    here is the concept design I finally focused upon, after putting pen(pencil actually) to paper!
    this, of course, was a 'work in progress', and only a prototype.
    I used a wooded board, approx. 8cmx50cm, with cfls(26w), that I tried to use for growing,
    during my first, failed, grow attempt. :eek:
    those were just 'taped' on with duct tape...mans, real, best friend, imo. and, I think, been awhile, simple string to suspend it from a single axis, so it would 'revolve'. I used two vanes in the beginning, but with a heavier model, two isn't necessary. in fact, only hinders the movement.

    well, anyway, this 'prototype', just spun, and spun...and spun...for hours. YAHOO! now, I just had to build a bigger one, to accomodate HID lighting. this is when the inspiration to use two types of bulbs hit me(I'd never heard of lots of things then...I'm a noob and was much more of a noob then! ha!).
    anyway, I make a bigger one, @10cmx100cm, using two full sized HID bulbs. theoretically, you could use any type of lights you prefer/can afford(lol). even vented hoods, in be sure to let me know;).

    the prototype...

    The latest design revision, featuring; six predetermined fixture mount points to extend the radius of downward focused light, super light weight, and, custom 'quick' hook suspension cables(nylon cord, lol, plus, my custom, hand make 'hooks'...

    pretty sweet, eh? consistantly and perpetually, doing +180 degrees, powered by the 'wind', created by the fan, which all of you, should, have in your grow area.
    in theory, any number of lights could be attached, in any size/shape/type, with only slight modifications, easily built by nearly anyone...all powered by the fan, whos electricial usage you're already paying for anyway.
    building this...device, is possible by anyone, if I can do it!

    Why are you still sitting there? there are many videos on YouTube, about a dozen or so, showing what it does, how it works and how to build it....GO!:D

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