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  1. Pretty damn nifty if you ask me! :D

    Some facts about aerogel:
    The lightest of all known solid materials, aerogels are just three times as dense as air. In fact, they are over 90% air anyway, being composed of extremely high density interconnected pores of silica, alumina, carbon or other such materials with diameters of less than 100 nanometers. This gives them a very high surface area ranging from 400 to 1,000 square metres per gram.

    They are 39 times more insulating than the best fibreglass insulation.

    They are 1,00 times less dense than glass.

    A wafer thin layer is sufficient to protect a hand from a blowtorch just inches away from it.

    A block the size of a person weighs less than a pound, looks like it would blow away in a slight breeze, yet could support a small car.

    They were used as insulation on the rover vehicle of the Mars

    The Marshall Space Flight Center has already provided specifications for aerogels to over 50 companies and research institutes for products as diverse as diving suits, industrial insulation, medical containers and windows.

    The value of the worldwide market for low-cost aerogels is projected to reach $10 billion by the year 2005.

    You need something to invest in people? Here it is (if you even can)
  2. Yes, but can you whack of with it?
    With a name like that, it sounds good for whackin....
  3. that shit sounds familiar. where did i hear about it
  4. ^^^

    Was it on the set of that gay porn you "Stared" in? lol, just messin with you....

    Does anyone smell bacon?
  5. lol! funny guy.

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