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Aerogarden ultra - how will this garden grow?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by JennaNola, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Just put two auto mass diesels in my ultra, one has popped waiting on the other, trying to decide if I'll do a journal but I will follow yours to "compare notes". :) gl to us.

  2. Welcome welcome welcome!

    Hard lesson learned about the Ultra - those lights are HOT when they're low. I get too geeked out on what I'm doing and forget, and burn the tops of my hands at least once.

    Flushed the nutes today and adding a new mix. Flora gro & micro. I'll do another flush mid-week to add flora bloom, depending on how well the seedlings do with the first change. I like to only change one thing at a time, so I know what I'm doing right (or wrong).

    I also Ike having a couple of other fussy seedlings in there at the same time. I'd have to block up those holes anyway, so why not keep my veggie garden rolling along. I leave the tomatoes and peppers in there until there's a danger of roots tangling, then move them outside to "cowpots" - compressed cow doody - with some of my worm compost. They need hardening off for a week or so. My mister calls the whole setup the "plant daycare".

    In 11 days, two NYC diesel, one pineapple express, three black cherry tomato seedlings, more lettuce and basil starts than I can count, the passionflower, and now I'm waiting on two more AK seeds and an eggplant.
  3. Oh, and the ph is holding steady, no problems so far.
  4. Here's her wingspan today.


    The main root is already a hearty width and 6" long.
  5. Looking good can't wait for mine to "break ground" like that, I see you're using flora series, me too will you be using the supplements flora blend and koolbloom?
  6. I balance the flora series with a few other things I've got, I try not to buy more than I really need. It's the NPK that counts!
  7. Two more seeds popped today, I'll run out of room soon! But a good gardener always sows too many seeds on the off-chance one doesn't make it. I've got a fan running on the biggest one, and the domes still on the shorties for now.

    If you're using the AG, I like the newer pod "braces", which are white with a loose bottom, and I use the bulk grow sponges.
  8. Plants are poppin! No significant growth on my main lady, but her roots are thicker. She seems to be pleased.

    In case you're here for more monarch butterfly growth, those two are looking amazing. They only eat "butterfly weed" - asclepias tuberosa.


    They are huuuuuuge today.

    (nevermind my gardener's manicure.)
  9. Just received my AG Ultra today, and I'll be getting started tomorrow!

    Just a couple quick questions:

    Should I keep the lights on or off during germination (until the seed pops)?

    Also, since I'll be using distilled water, should I add any cal/mag or not?

    Any help is greatly appreciated....
  10. Your AG should have a setting for "germination mode", but I've reset mine in the custom settings for 16 hours on, cycling the pump every half hour. If you take off the paper "caps" for the seed starter, you'll probably grow some mold on the edges, but it doesn't affect the plants, doesn't smell...it's just the light.

    It takes a bit of fiddling, is all. I'm getting Mylar to hang as a light reflector, the one custom-cut for AG's is too pricey!

    I start with nutes very very gently, you can always add more, but it's sort've like laundry detergent - you don't need nearly as much as the bottle says, and the machine gets all gunky, and the plants will fry.

    (NOTE: do not put plants in the laundry.)

    If you've ever seen the movie "Saving Grace", that's sort've how I imagine this. If you haven't, go rent it, it's brilliant.
  11. Oh, and don't forget to have fun! Life's too short, and growing things is rad.

  12. I've never had so much fun "waiting", at least when the nutes get going there is a bit more excitement. Do you plan to lst or just let them grow straight up?
  13. What other plants are you growing in there?
  14. Banana passiflora, heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Stupice) and lemon basil. Giving the seedlings a good head start for spring.
  15. We'll see! I'd imagine they'll need lst, and I rig my tomato plants kinda that way too. I have a few trellising techniques depending how tough the stems get.
  16. Just wondering is u could help me with my aerogarden. I germinated my seed worked great. Than put it in pod. It's been 6 days now it has 2 leaves but some reason they r curling?? And how long to I keep the dome on for. I herd first 2 weeks not to give light. I was giving light but now have stopped. Ph at 6.0. Please help
  17. I've always germinated in a paper towel/plastic bag, and then once the taproot shows, put it in the AG.

    And I'd think yeah, give it light! I give mine light a lot, 12-18 hours during germination and veg.

    The dome - the plastic AG dome? Until the seedling is too tall, or they "complain". I take mine off once the humidity seems too high, but I live in a humid area, and I'm an intuition-based gardener. :)

    Hope this helps!
  18. :love: Things are a-growin!

    Changed out nutes today and trimmed the biggest lady back a bit. (At least, I'm hoping she's a lady!) The other plants: tomato, passie, and now squash are serving as my "canaries in the coal mine" - since they're in different growth phases, I'm keeping an eye on them, too, to see if nute burn or light is making them do anything unusual. So far, everything is looking happy.

    Rainy outside, of course, after I watered my outdoor plants. ;)
  19. So leave dome on for another week? When will The other 2 leaves come out?

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