Aerogarden Setup 2 seeds, 2 clones

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    Whats up, new to the forums and all but got a setup going and this is what I have so far. . .

    An aerogarden (7pod) and I just picked up 2 healthy well rooted clones and planted them inside a pod for the aerogarden without the sponge foam thing that aerogarden gives you, because well clone foam is better.

    I gave it normally water because I heard acidity somewhat stresses the plants and creates more "potent" bud, but also mixed in 3-2-3 solution.

    The two seeds are seeds I threw in the aerogarden in the pods they gave and they've been doing well so far.

    They're growing under the 2 normal CFL's aerogarden gives, and I have some solar blanket material/mylar you could say to heat up the inside of my growery setup. I have a fan that goes on and off, (3') and a 24hr timer set for 18light/6night to induce the growing I think? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    So far, from 6 hours ago from transplant, the clones are doing relatively well and not many burns but some.

    Any tips , or past users?

    I will be putting pictures up in about a day, just a little ripped right now.
  2. Pictures of the two.....

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  3. What is your pH/ppm? That shouldn't happen in just 24 hours unless the pH is out of whack!
  4. I feel like if it was Ph both plants would be similarly affected. Just normal san diego shower water and some 3-2-3 nutrients.

    But getting a Ph meter sooon nonetheless.
  5. Get one soon as you are most likely locking out nutrients with just SoCal Tap Water.
  6. Your right, im running 6.5 Ph.....what should I be running ? 5.6-6.0 right?
  7. If you're using tap water you might want to let it sit for 24 hours to get rid of the chlorine before you add your nutes..
  8. Its been a week with 6.0 ph and perfect conditions and plants couldn't look better, praise aerogarden

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