Aerogarden Pro 200 for auto-ak47?

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    I'm planning to grow 6-7 auto-ak 47 plants from LowLife and I was wondering if I could use an Aerogarden Pro 200. It comes with 3 cfl's they market as grow bulbs. I plan to add an additional 2 cfls, put it in the sun when I can, and cover it with mylar when I can't.

    I'm mostly concerned about the roots. The aerogarden uses a drip system with a small resevior underneath it. Will my auto-ak plants be happy with the drip, or will they grow their roots into the small resevior and still find it lacking?

    What about the auto ak 47 x hindu kush? The description says it needs less root space.
  2. Bump. Need help. I have no idea what the roots will do and its my first grow.
  3. Hello buddy...we need reply on this thread though...
  4. if you plan on spending the 200 bucks on an aero garden- dont. if your getting an aerogarden because you think growing with that will be easy- dont. ive heard success stories with those but if you got somethings as dank as ak 47 X ll getta 400 watt hps and do some hydroponic/aeroponic research youll get 4X + the results compared to a aerogarden. your very limited when it comes to one of those, when you make your own custom setup there is no limit.

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  5. It's possible for one plant. Maybe two. But the area for the roots isn't big enough for a flowering plant sometimes I hear.
  6. Aerogardens are cute. They are not for growing buds, though. Invest your $200 in a real light and flood tray or something...
  7. thanks for replying. I'm using an enclosed space, about 3x2x5 in feet, so would a 400 hps be too hot?
  8. thats cutting it close... test it out and if need be you can always put a a/c vent induction, or have really good air circulation as well as have a fan on the light itself. good luck!
  9. dude my AeroGarden 200 with the 24 inch extender turned dirt buds into KB so you should be fine with AK. The roots will grow into the resivoir but i haven't noticed any rot. Still experimenting to see if they should be trimmed or not but i found that trimming cuts down on how high they grow, and with a mylar wrap all that light should boost the shit out of the yeild. just remember to trim any useless fan leaves, it gets crowded in there fast...
  10. I dont kow a thing about the aero... I do know that space with a 400 hps and a cooltube you could get a pound... can you do that with a aero?
  11. Never heard pound used like that budslinger. What do you mean by it?
  12. ??? A pound of weed? And as long as you have enough ventilation you should have no problem with a 400w.
  13. I'm also very curious about this. I want a small, stealthy grow. Looking for a small plant like the ak47-lowryder or just lowryder #2, to grow in an aerogarden.

    My plan was the buy the aerogarden, seeds, the arm extender, and a pump/stone to circulate the water well, as well as a timer for when it goes into flowering. Although, if I purchase the 200 version I guess I don't need the timer or the pump/stone.
  14. i think you'll need the pump/stone anyway since the roots grow into the well. i've decided to take the 220 i was going to spend on the aerogarden and spend it on a 400 hps lighting system instead. I'm converting my dresser into a small grow room to fit it, though.
  15. Yeah, If you can afford to do the dresser, I'd do the 400w hps.
  16. about how much is all of this going to cost?
  17. The pound that was mentioned is probably going on the 1 gram of bud per watt of light used on a garden... which equals out to 0.88 pounds

    But in using this formula, you must remember that this is typically only achived by using CO2.

    Also if you use a cooled fixture on the 400W light, you should have no issues with heat.
  18. hey all....
    tight spaces are what im used to...I grow with less then 24" height, The strain im currently growing is Biggie small, ive heard the lowrider is not that strong of a strain.
    Ive also learned any plant can be kept small just train them and perhaps use a scrog method.
    hey dragon blade they were right 16 ounces is a pound... thats allot of smoke...
    get a cool tube man, they cool the best.
    Gluck man.

  19. Correct on both counts IMO
  20. YEAAAAA I have one of those on my counter lol ........:cool: nope I think that might not work AEROGARDENS ROCK .....They are compact and if you smoke an oz every couple weeks youll have enough for yourself and some xtra I just dont smoke a lb that quick and IM NOT A DEALER weed should be free .....

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