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  1. Hi guys,

    How many lowryder #2 feminized seeds do you recommend that I grow simultaneously in a 7 pod aerogarden?

    I currently have 5 seedlings growing 1 week. So, I have 2 pods free. Is it possible that with the right lighting placed above and to the sides, I can realistically grow these 5 plants in 1 Aerogarden Deluxe. The height issues isn't a problem since I have the 24 inch light and the Lowryders don't go above 18 inch from what I heard. It's my first grow so any help would be appreciated.
  2. i wouldnt do more than 2
  3. 5 lowryders should be fine. Its a 1.5 gal res and with lowryders that should be just fine. I'm growing two full sized ladies in less than a quarter of that volume.

    I would recommend covering up the unused holes if you haven't already, and adding an airstone to the res.
  4. Thanks, I put a 4 inch round airstone but only one side of the Aerogarden gets the bubbles. Good experiment though because the pod with the most bubbles is the biggest and the furthest is the smallest and also the darkest. DOes it mean anything about the color. Further one away is darker than the rest but an evergreen green, not sick looking while the one with the most bubbles is like a lime green. Let me know your thoughts and if I should add another airstone to the other side of my AG. I'm going to do that anyway but wanted to know your thoughts. Oh, actually, I bought a bubble wand airstone that you can wrap around the AG. Sure that'll work better, I HOPE!

  5. Let's say I want to put a 400 w hps bulb on the side of the plants (or 150w on each side) of the plants and let the aerogarden lights work the top with some other CFLs? Lemme know your thoughts on lighting with an aerogarden for lowryder 2s...

  6. Putting a 400w HPS on the side might be a bit much, I would be concerned about heat damage. For LR2, CFLs would be ideal supplemental lighting. I would definately add another airstone or the bubblewand to the res though, bubbles are your friend. And five plants should be fine in your set-up. The LR2 dont take a lot of effort to grow, just give them good light and nutes, and they will do the rest. I've grown them several times before, feel free to PM me if you have other LR questions.

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