Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. I swear its getting frostier everyday. Smell is so skunky yet sweet like candy. I cant wait to see how this stuff smells when cured! Tempted to pluck one bud. I haven't even pulled one piece off yet.

  2. man thats so legit. Thanks for the post im hoping i can get some of that growth on ,my buds
  3. Patience! You'll have to dry it before it smokes well anyways, so delay the instant gratification in favor of an amazing final product.
  4. That cola is so beautiful that I cried a little. GJ man.
  5. ^^^ Lmao...Thanks. I wish i would have know about topping and topped this plant and had 2 massive colas like that. Next time tho i will be performing more cutz and trims for bigger growth. Got 2 sour diesels that popped yesterday!
  6. I thought the same thing too. Its either 2 balls forming or, what It really is starting to
    look like is the beginning of preflowers. I'll just bet you see 2 pistils emerge within the next couple a days. Cheers.
  7. Bro....are you serious. Why would you even put this ^ when this was on the 2nd page. Your way behind and obviously not keeping up with my journal so why would you suggest somthing that already was figured out weeks later. If you would have read a few more posts/pages you would have answered your own question.

    Thanks for stoppin by tho.
  8. Excuse me, man.
    A stoned moment, if you will.
    You dont need to rag like a little bitch.
    Have a good day.
  9. Jeez. Smoke one and chill out:cool:
  10. that's a sweet bud topping will give you moor big tops but they only get that big solo. for me
  11. Good 2 know that. So what is your suggestion from experience? Grow one big top or a few smaller ones? The bloombastic i used is freiken killer and just blew the main cola up!
  12. I topped one of my plants and it looks great has 3 medium size colas not as small as some of the smallest mains but not as big as the biggest. I would say all 'main colas' on the topped would roughly be 1.5 x the yield of the largest solo mains. So maybe 1/2 the size but you get 2-4. You won't get 2 colas the size of a solo stalk though.
  13. scrog'ing i like more tops but it slows them down so you have a longer veg im probably going to get the riot act for this but indoors i think your yield is more from one big top then multiple tops i will post a photo tonight of this same strain with multiple tops if you wont it was meant for a screen but there was no room
  14. Yeah you might be right Caesar and I know some strains respond better to topping and not others. I kind of like the monster cola myself, just a sucker for the crown jewel per crop fun.

  15. I think the response to this is.... grow one plant topped and one plant not topped. Keep in mind this is for headstash only and now a new addicted hobbie of mine so i want good shit yet i am willing to try new things. I will try toppin one of my plants next time.
  16. Picture update later hopefully. Trying to take some good macros of the buds that are the frostiest. These buds are damn near solid like a rock! I mean like solid solid. Only the low low buds aren't solid. I cant wait till harvest time. T-minus 17 days. (approx)

  17. good job man how much do you think you would yeild? ..reason i ask is i just bought one of those bad boys :)
  18. guessing 35 grams on the yield. ^ bought one of what bad boys? The plant? The Bucket Setup? Not sure exactly what your talking about. Thanks for the compliments by the way.
  19. The 10 Day Flush has begun!!! Yes finally getting there....any tips on some do's or don'ts when flushing? Anything special i should add or not add? Thanks in advance. Im gonna put some pics up tomorrow. Sorry on the delay. They are just some damn frosty now and i need my camera back from my wife.
  20. Did you use a cleaning / release chemical like florakleen (GH i think) or anything? I used Florakleen and will run RO until end. Will the extra stuff you gave yours you may want to use a removal agent like that.

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