Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. thats what i hope will help out with an increase in resin production. only 2 6500k CFL's @ 100w.

    Problem tho...i just looked at my plants and the leaves nearest to the buds have little brown/red rust looking spots. Any idea on what it could be? Ill post pics up in a little bit. it seems to be on the smaller leaves shooting out of the sides of the buds. hope this is an easy fix because i still have a few more weeks to go. I think?
  2. Like this? This is calcium deficiency.

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  3. Day 42 Flowering 12/12 --- 150hps - 2 CFL 150w (2700k) 2 CFL 100w (6500k) - 2 Grow Fluro's 75w.

    Water change with new additions.
    3 Stage Flora - Kool Bloom - Bloombastic (finished it) - Humboldt Snow Storm Max
    Looking like a little calcium deficient so I added some Cal-Mag too. Thanks Bohbo for the suggestion

    Pictures will be updated later. Trying to tie UP my main cola to the top of the box. Its getting heavy and looks like any day if it gets any bigger its going to snap. Does that ever happen? I'll play it safe and tie it upwards. Looking like a little she has a little calcium deficiency so I added some Cal-Mag too. Thanks Bohbo for the suggestion hope this helps.

    Stoned so i added some colors... Pix later!

  4. Funny.

    Anyhow if they were calcium deficient they may not have grown as strong as possible. That cola is getting big, I might pin it up or to the wall or use a stake, something to give it some support if you think it might be getting too heavy. Last thing you want it is bending over and snapping or damaging it forcing a an early harvest.
  5. Picture Update. Not much of a change but i was a little bored and wanted to try to find better settings while shooting under the HPS.

  6. Also anyone have an idea on what the rust spots are? Bohbo suggested that it could be calcium def. I think he is correct but extra eyes evaluating something is always better. Added some cal-mag anyways. You can see clearly what i am talking about when you look at the pictures above.
  7. Also I have decided to continue growing and fired up the Aerogarden Deluxe and started germinating some seeds. Figured if i started vegging another batch by the time i can sex them it will be good and ready in the flower box for some more ladies. I am going to make individual bubble buckets for this grow


    3 - Reservoir Seed * Sour Diesel IBL ---- Gifted these from a buddy!!!**!!! Thanks!
    1 - Magus Genetics * Double Dutch ---- Gifted these from a buddy!!!**!!! Thanks Again!
    2 - MC x Makado (name on the bag my boys cousin sent from Holland) Couldn't find these online tho. Call em Dank Bagseed from Holland! Thank him as well!

    Set up below is what i did my first vegg in and it worked like a charm. I am going to add back the additional CFL side lights like in page 1-2 of the journal.


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    To me it looks like a lockout problem of Calcium, Magnesium / Zinc possibly. And there looks to be twisting. I think hydro is very similar PH to Aero I would bring my PH to 5.8 or 5.7. What concerns me more than the calcium is the twisting. Which might be magnesium. I run my PH 5.5-5.8

    Edit: I am jealous of those Diesel seeds
  9. Well i hope its not a lock out of any sort. What is the fix when your plant locks out some/all nutrients? Flush plain RO for a week or so? I am in the middle of my 7th week (42 days flower). I was planning on running this rez for about 10 days and then going to plain RO for the final 2 weeks. Although I am not sure of the strain so im not sure of how many days of flower for this plant. Kinda just guessing. Any advice?!? I'm sure i'll get some info from Bohbo because he seems to be the only person paying any attention to my journal.
  10. Well I guess I'm obligated now!

    It looks like a sativa to me (the big one, correct me if thats not the one in question) so its going to have a longer flowering time most likely 10-12 weeks. Do the tricomes look cloudy yet any amber? Or still clear. If its at the end of its cycle it might be just dying. 7 weeks is too early. You could either:

    1) Let it ride
    2) Adjust PH
    3) Change Res with Nutes
    4) Change Res with RO
  11. nice thread but you might wont to ditch you photo of your face
  12. Plants still showing more rust orange.... Ughhhhhhh Not sure really what to do. I would wonder how a lockout could happen considering I monitor my ppm's always try to keep it under 1000. Closer to 875-900. I change my water every 7-10 days or Approx after i put in 4 gallons of plain RO as she drinks from the initial water change. Any ideas to help fix this problem.?? Thanks
  13. They may just be going through their natural cycle when reaching end of flowering and sucking up remaining nutes from leaves. You are almost at the plain RO stage, I wouldn't mess with it too much to be honest. There isn't much you can do this late and see results safely and easily that I can think off. I would let the rez go bump up the PPM maybe 250 (as much as they can handle you think) for another 7 days then run RO water. You got a great yield already might as well protect it and make it quality rather than trying to push for more.
  14. Thanks Bohbo I am going to take your advice and let it ride for 1 week and then go to plain RO for the last 2 weeks or so. Sucks because I really wanted to get a second dose of the Humboldt Snow Storm Ultra. Oh well next grow will be even sweeter! Appreciate all the help.

    Any guesses on what you think the final yield of this single plant will be dry? Just curious. I have a little bet going with a few of my friends and I guessed 34 grams dry. What do you all think?
  15. I think you are guessing pretty well. Does it seems pretty dense? (don't squeeze it, it can cause mold (or fungus i forget). Either way its not a good idea to squeeze them to test. It looks dense though.
  16. pretty dense... well without squeezing it seems like they are solid. branches are heavy as hell now and had to tie up the main cola to the top of the box. 35% orange hairs - 1/2 clear trichs 1/2 cloudy - none that i have seen are amber.
  17. this really makes me wanna try hydro! my bet is 32 grams
  18. The person to guess the exact dry weight will get a legit Rez Sour Diesel IBL seed. Not bullshitting. I will send it in the mail direct to whatever address you want me to send it to. I feel i should do this considering that this is my first grow and all you guys on GC have made this fairly simple. Even considering no grow experience at all and doing hydro for the first time.

    I have one left (4 were gifted to me). It was from my boys uncle. Not sure if they are all femmed or not but they are legit and worth the grow to find out.

    We have so far........

    "lotuselise" at 32 grams dry

    quote and add name.
  19. I guess I will claim the 31g spot.
  20. awesome, thanks!!:hello:

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