Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. this setup is raw
  2. thanks burnintrees....its my first grow but building boxes is cake. there is enough info on GC to become a freaking mad weed scientist!
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    I am using GH nutes I was doing 5-5-5 during Veg and switching to 5-10 Lucas and then 8-16 lucas once I start to see flowers (between 1-2 weeks of 12/12 I think) at 10-10-10 you are probably nute burning them 150W HPS should be 6-8" from the plant 400W should be about 12" so the distance is too far if anything I would think. If i had to guess its nute burn with 10-10-10 (just drawing from other growers and my own experience with nutes). Really I am just guessing about the nute burn but the light should be closer so the light being too close is most likely not the problem.

    I had a 600W HPS about 10 inches from top and the plants did fine under it even while young. Wouldn't put it that close again probably but still they did okay even without air cooling the hood.

    PH and Temps are good?

    Troubleshooting marijuana growing health problems.
  4. ph is good...using RO.... temp stays in the mid to high 80's with all the lights on. i just did a water change and the nute strength now is at 15-10-5 .........

  5. Pest maybe, I mean those conditions sound pretty optimal... at 80 degrees if the humidity is high could be fungus or something. If it was mine I would get a mini microscope at radio shack Illuminated Microscope - and do a little research on disease. You sound like you know your stuff so I would say its probably some curve ball.
  6. i would sell all those lights and get a damn 126 watt led switch to a led grow watch your bud plant blow up fast peace man looking good so far
  7. You will see obvious signs of sex any day now. Usually in the second week of flowering you start to see signs of sex. I just saw my first signs on day 8 of flowering. Got my fingers crossed for ya!
  8. thanks for all the input....i appreciate all the advice and about the LED's..... im for advancing in technology but leds have just not been fully proven. my light setup cost me less than a $120 and for now i will take 150hps - 2 150w cfl 2 100w cfl - 2 75w fluro's over an led any day. ill be following all your grows as well so keep an eye on mine considering im a noooooooobie...! Peace from the (305)

    Picture Update Tomorrow!
  9. In the top pic of my second page i cant tell if on that node is a ball sack forming.... Let me know if you can tell. Or will that open up and pre flowers start to form? Thankx
  10. Nice job so far dude. Just a suggestion for taking pics, try using the lowest "iso" or exposure setting, also use the macro or close-up button (flower), and experiment with the flash. I know the lights can make everything look funky when you take the pics, so you can also wait to take the pics right after the lights turn off. Hope this helps.

    Keep up the good work. :)
  11. cant tell yet wouldnt say male or boy or balllsac around em at all hope they turn out to be some gurls did u ever grow in the aerogarden before i use it to start and pre veg its a bitch pullin em out if u got to many roots i usually do 2-3 at a time this time i had some very old burmese beans that i didnt expect to pop along with a special pk plant that was gifted and my silvericecreme special and have had all of them pop i think im in some shit now lol i was wondering if u cut your roots at all to transplant im not to worried though imay try to pullem at different times depending on how much of a mess i got going on in then rez rootwize vest of luck im sure ur first grow will turn out great
    best of luck stone
  12. Appreciate it all guys.... stoney when i pull plants from the aerogarden its b/w the 3-4 week. They get a little knotty but i try to untangle them the best i can but some of the roots break when pulling. They seemed to feed out of the planter hole once they are untangled. I then cut a hole in rockwool with a slice on the side to feed the plant in from the side. Then i place them in hydroton. hope this helps. i really dont do much cutting or at least try not to. Aerogarden is great for vegging. Once i have a definite female i will be trying to clone in the aero as well. When is a good time to clip a clone? Is it ever to late?
  13. Day 9 Flowering 12/12 - Still no sign of sex. Possible female on the right.

    We'll see.... just wanted to update a few pictures. Topenga on the left will just not stop growing!!! Treena on the right is staying short and tight. I think she is starting to show a few pre-hairs. We'll see and keep an eye on her! Any input please advise. Thankx Peace

  14. Looking good, I am in day 8 of flowering so we are right on schedule together how fun for us! :hello:
  15. Looks like i fell behind on this journal so lets play some catch up. I am on day 14* of flowering and the taller one on the left from the recent pics was pulled and tossed. MALE! I believe i have 4 tiny hairs from the smaller plant coming from 1 node. Hopefully my eyes arent deceiving me. Fingers crossed. Then once the male was pulled I took down the two other plants from my aerogarden and put them in flower. Day 2 of 12/12 for them. I only vegged them for 28 days.

  16. New pictures coming soon..... the female is showing multiple bud sites and the other two are still waiting on sex to show. I think 1 more is a male and the other being a female. fingers crossed. check me later! peace
  17. Looks great man! your set up seems to be working fantastic. keep it up
  18. Need some help not sure what is going on....i'll put up pics later if things dont change... My largest plant in the middle seems to be drooping a lot. Could it be from too much drip or could it be from the dwc water being too close to the net pots causing it to stay pretty soaked? Any ideas because other than that they are pretty healthy. Im pretty sure it has to do with overwatering from the top or underneath... Any Ideas?

  19. DWC = Deep Water Culture basically your roots are sitting in water that is oxygenated so having them in the water shouldn't be a problem. I have never used a Bubble bucket, I plan to give it a try this year so I have done some research, but I'm by no means an expert. I know they will need oxygen and to get the roots to grow longer you can deprive them of water to help them look for water (IE letting them get lower). I'm not sure how much air space between the top of the bucket and the water level you need (I didn't think it was much) but check Rumples Let's Build a Bubble Bucket thread you might find your answer there.

    What are your PPM / PH levels something is throwing off your plants internal water pressure

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