Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by aerogardenguy, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Oh wow you have been using all these micro nutes and additives?

    I see that they paid off for sure. I just used miracle grow tomato and bloom food on my most recent grow, $10 per box, enough for 10 or so grows... lol

    I left my foxfarm trio at a buddies over the summer and they got all hot and swampy and I had to toss em, didn't have the cash to order nutes online (no hydro stores where I am).
  2. Wow that is a beautiful harvest :)
  3. man that looks awesome.escially for ur first time! u have got me thinking!!!
  4. so how is it? taste? high?
  5. Brief smoke report.

    Very sweet & skunky smell and taste. Very smooth going down yet packs huge expansion in your lungs which makes it impossible not to cough. Since this was a bag seed from some really good bud I figured I had to give it a name. Decided to name this strand "Shark Breath". Since no one really knows what a sharks breath would really smell like. Very cerebral high with a nice uppity feeling. Amazing out of the vape and dangerous out of my coil condenser.

    Any questions shoot!?

  6. Dammit moonchild you beat me too it!
  7. All that stoned thinking gone to waste.... thats for the imput tho. I will think my name once again.

    Reminds me of some skunk with some sweet tooth.....

  8. You could call it Skunk Breath! or Or ManSharkSkunk (you would need to create some artwork though).
  9. I like your thoughts and will take those in consideration. Art work for a strain logo? lol I can make that happen.
  10. Google Image ManBearPig
  11. Those were some creepy pics. Any specific reason for me to look at them?
  12. Yeah ManSharkSkunk was a play on South Park's ManBearPig wasn't sure if you got the reference. Where Al Gore was hunting a creature that was "half man half bear and half pig"
  13. damn ima little late but that shit looks bomb!:hello:
  14. wut did u yield from the aerogarden?
  15. Go back a couple pages...
  16. well i seen the pull from the bubble bucket, that shit was off the charts. tryna see wut to expect to yield from an aerogarden.
  17. so hows the cure coming along?
  18. Cure is going very nice. Its pretty much finished curing and the final smell taste is amazing. Very sweet yet flowery with a skunky smell. Weird but I love it. Sticky like hell and i mean like really sticky. High is very cerebral and long lasting. Def. a 2 hitter quitter. Dangerous out of my coil condenser. So smooth but expands your lungs so much that it made my friend puke the other day. lol Coughed so hard he ran to the bathroom luckily and hit the toilet. Wish i had the camera charged!

    Hows everything coming along with your MJ. Everything looks real nice and I am expecting to see some primo nugs off of her.
  19. it goin great! only a week or two before the chop. haha, you know its good if your buddy pukes! just about to post some updated bud porn in my thread. when do you plan to start your next grow?

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