Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. Harvest Time!!!! Woooooooohoooooooooooo!


    Before 1st Stage Trim (Main Cola)

    After 1st Stage Trim


    Just wanted to thank everyone with my first grow. I think it came out super for the 1st try. I will be continuing to grow and starting another journal in the near future. Once the bud is dried I will post a final Dry Weight so we can find the winner of the closest guess to dry weight. I will keep everybody informed. Thanks Again!

    Need the rep so pass it around!
  2. Nice man, those look alot bigger than they did in the previous pictures, the main cola just dwarfed them all.

    Great job on a first grow man, excellent results!
  3. all i can say is that's GREAT I now guys that have grown for years that have yet to grow a bud that looks like that well done
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    awesome man, congrats! the main cola looks so thick. ill be watching your next grow

    i tried repping but i gotta spread some around more
  5. I wish mine was that big ;)
  6. She wishes your was that big as well!! lol Thanks man

    Appreciate it lotus.... I'll be hanging around watching you finish out your grow too.

    My wife calls me the natural at everything I do. Read Read Read and Perfect it!

    Thanks Im curious on the dry weight now. I think its going to more than my guess at the 34 gram mark dry. The main cola weighed over a lb wet....hmmmm... wouldnt that be nice if the weight didnt change.
  7. thats probably going to be a 15-16 gram bud when its done drying.

  8. Nice I can work with that!! We'll see. I'll keep you posted moon. I just guessing but I am shooting for 21 grams main cola.
  9. very nice work man, how much longer til we get a final weigh in?

  10. We got a little time on that... maybe like 2-3 more days. Ill keep ya posted
  11. That main cola will be at least an oz.
  12. Final Dry weigh in @.......... 103 grams and I mean dry. Stems snapping!

    Main Cola was 42.5 grams on the stem & 38.5 grams off the stem.



    Each branch averaged about 6-7 grams. Each nug averaged around 2.5 grams.

    Smoke, smell, taste, highness report coming soon. Will hopefully smoke my first piece of the plant today.

    It already smells like candy after one day in the jars. Wow really starting to smell just like "sweet tooth"
  13. great! just wait till they have been curing for a while. def let us know how it smokes

  14. Thanks lotus! I will be curing for approx: 3-4 weeks. How many times a day do you think i should open the jars?
  15. i would say do this....
    "Always store your jars in a cool, dark, and safe location. Light is bad for your weed.
    Try to remember to open each jar twice a week for the first month. Leave it open for a few minutes and seal it back up. I don't always do this (I forget), but it makes a difference. It's also a good idea to check for mold while opening each one."

    i got this from a guide that i am gonna use for harvesting my plant
    after the first month i usually only open then jars one a month after that.
  16. Wow 100+ grams, awesome job man.

    Looks dank too.

    How big was that tub you had it in? I thought it was like a 2 gallon container all this time.

  17. Thanks...a lot more than expected. Buds are fluffy yet very dense and starting to get a nice aroma.

    The tube was i forget how many gallons but I was filling with only 4 gallons total each rez change. I make the claim and give the credit to the Atami Bloombastic for size and Snow Storm Ultra from Humboldt for the crystals. They will be used every time for sure.
  18. that's some nice looking stuff
  19. Nice work 38 grams wow that thing sure was big. Can't wait to see your new grow.
  20. Looks DANK!! Nice job! [​IMG]

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