Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. Pics Udate.

    Almost finished. Some pics wer too bright because the trichs are just blinging!! lol


    Main Cola




    Side Cola

  2. i love the pic of the main cola! it looks so big!
  3. Looks like some pretty killer dank man. Can't wait to see these trimmed.
  4. When i trim do i trim the leaves all the way down to the bud and leave no leaf at all? the leaves are pretty frosty. gonna make some hash with the cuttings and stems.
  5. if you are making hash I would suggest doing a 2-stage trimming process to make life easier.

    PAYLOAD BAGS by any chance?

    Trim all of the stuff that has NO crystals on it mainly stem leaves and some leaf tips, then trim the stuff thats hash-able. You don't need to cut all of the leaf off, leave some of it (<.5cm) so it can be like a sort of sheath over the bud so the crystals don't fall off.

    I've made gumby hash twice before with mediocre results. (Not worth the hours of work for like 1.5-2g of hash)

  6. Payload bags? you mean bubble bags?

    Probably going to make some honey oil or something similiar. I will take your advice and do the 2 stage trimming. Should i trim then hang and dry for 2-3 days and then do the second trim after that then let dry for a few more days then jar the buds?
  7. No

    you can make bubble hash WITH payload bags...

    They are bags with screens at the bottom with various sizes to catch ALL the trichomes.

    Payload Bags

    [ame=]YouTube - Bubble-Lator Hash Making PayLoad Part 2[/ame]

    payload bags start around 4:50
  8. the photos look great trim as much of the leaf of as you can it will make the smoke much smoother
    real good journal I've enjoy watching
  9. Can you tell by looking at a plant if it is a sativa? What type of strand do you think dominates my plant?
  10. I would say sativa dominant
  11. Would you say flushing at 9 weeks since the switch to 12/12 might have been too early for my plant? She is mighty frosty and 70%+ Orange Hairs but I see very little amber. Mostly cloudy very few clear. Hard to tell with my cheap radioshack micro. Thanks in advance
  12. Bagseed right? I would wait for atleast 20% amber, all depends on the high you want I guess. I would maybe inspect a lower branch and clip it and see if the high is okay and maybe compare that to of the upper ones see what you like better. If you don't want to sample I would wait till like 30-50% amber on main cola and the lower stuff should be less mature
  13. Damn so basically i started flushing too early? Advice? Or would you say in the next 5 days or so the trich's should start changing more? Or do you think it will take a lot longer for the trichs to go from cloudy to amber. Some people say it could happen very fast.
  14. Depends on the strain but since its a guess you really don't know. That thing is pretty big though. I would say if the plant starts changing drastically, smell, heavy wilting drooping, major yellowing etc, it might be close to time. I think, you are going to have to make a judgement call on whether you think its ready or not.

  15. Thanks... I think I am going to still make the chop in a few days. 10 days flushing i think should be enough considering the last week of nutes I dropped it to 1/4 strength w/ only 3 part Flora and a splash of Snow Storm.
  16. tirchomes on sativas take a little longer to turn than indicas.. those definitely look sativa dom imo.
    if they're mostly cloudy with a few scattered ambers, i think your good to go anytime within the next few days to a week or so..

  17. Pretty much summed up what I was going to say.

    Don't be expecting majority of the trichs to go amber on a sativa dominant plant, you could be waiting for a long time.

    Your big plant looks like it has some pretty thin, skinny sativa dominant leaves, but it looks like more of a chunky indica bud structure then a lanky christmas tree.

    I don't think its that big of a deal if you started flushing earlier anyways, you can always just feed your plants again.

    I'm an 80/20 man myself (milky/amber)
  18. 6 / 8 of one half a dozen of the other
    you've done a great job so far i think what ever you do you'll be fine
  19. thanks August.... I really appreciate you chiming in. Im gonna give a few more days and then chop chop.!

    80/20 is what I am going to shoot for.... thanks moon.

    I hear that caesar. I think I have done better than expected. It should be fine in a few days im sure.

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