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  1. Hi, this is my first grow and I'm wondering if someone can help me with my Advanced Nutrients schedule.

    I'm growing Auto AK47 in an AeroGarden VeggiePro, currently on Day 42. The plant is looking great, about 8 inches tall and no problems.

    I am confused about whether I have been using enough Advanced Nutrients (Grow, Micro, and Bloom) however. The website says that they are changing their nutrients calculator, but are leaving the old one up until July 31, 2010. The amount of nutrients that are produced by the new calculator are WAY more than I have been feeding my 15ml of each of Grow, Micro, and Bloom.

    I had used the online Advanced Nutrients calculator with the 'Plus Program Bloom - Light Feeding' schedule, at 1/2 strength as advised by many posters. Thus, the schedule I am using is:

    Week 1 = 1.7ml each of Grow, Micro, and Bloom (1/2 strength of the 3.44ml from the nutrient calculator)
    Week 2 = 2.3 ml each of G, M, and B
    Week 3 = 2.5 ml each of G, M, and B
    Week 4 = 2.9 ml each of G, M, and B
    Week 5 = 2.4 ml each of G, M, and B
    Week 6 = 2.1 ml each of G, M, and B
    Week 7 = no nutrients

    My question I adding enough nutrients? My plant seems fine, but that seems like an awfully small amount of nutes to add each week. I don't want to come to week 7 and find that my plant is a tiny, undernourished budless little weed!

    Can someone please tell me the EXACT nutrient schedule they use for their AeroGarden grows (in ml per week please)?

    Also if someone can explain why there is a new nutrient calculator that advises more than 5x the amount of nutes from the old calculator for the same reservoir size? My best guess is that Advanced Nutrients has 'reformulated' their Grow, Micro, and Bloom (ie. watered down) so that you have to use more nutrients now, so you will have to buy more of it. If that's the case, perhaps everyone should run out now and buy the old GMB formula before they switch everything over?!

    Peace and thanks so much everybody,
  2. Too bad that no one has answered you yet.

    I wish I had an answer for you too. I have to say something about the idea that the nute calculator is different since I noticed that too. But I have to admit that I look more to my plants to guide what I give to my grow than what any calculator or bottle might tell me. I mean, if my plants are looking burnt, I cut back and ease up for the next stage.

    I think it's always a good idea, especially with how strong Advanced nutrients can be, that you start off with a little nute action at first, then slowly build up. Lets you and the plants get used to what's going on and what you need to do next in order to help your grow turn out well.

    I'll be watching this for answers to your questions, though.

    PS - I admit to buying up the old stuff from AN at my hydro store because they were clearing it out for the new products (read: SALE!), but I've mixed in some of the new formulas without any troubles. So, not sure what you're doing different.


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