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  1. Just got my aeroponic system set up, i had trouble with root rot in my dwc and used aquashield along with my flora series nutes. should i start off with aquashield, and clonex clone and seedling solution, and also i know aero like ph a little lower than dwc any other advice Thanks
  2. I would start my clones / seedlings with Botanicare Liquid Karma which is a micro nutrient supplement and a slowly work in some Grow and light Cal mag.

    I wouldnt run Clonex if you already have roots. At what point are you planting them into your aero garden?
  3. i figured on the first set of leaves, so you would recommend useing botinacare over gh micro and company? also when should i start using my aquashield, wenever i start to see roots, thanks hydro
  4. I would wait a couple of weeks after they sprout to put them in your aero system. Let them get more established. Putting those seedlings in the aero system that early wont do them any more benefit. Once you see 10 or so roots coming out of your grow plug / rockwhool, then plant.

    Thats My two cents :)

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