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Aero Set up, copy of Huge Harvest

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by NewDude11, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hey guys! I am trying to set up an aeroponic system and the one I really want to do is something similar to the "Clone and Grow" on It seems mostly straight forward so I can't justify paying hundreds for something I can make equally as well for less than 100 . I can figure out the brace but if anyone could tell me all the materials they see in the picture that would be awesome.. Has anyone else tried making something like this? Tips and hints are greatly appreciated, this is my first set up!

    This link goes to the website to show you the pictures

    This link is a video that Huge harvest made for putting together their system that is for sale:
    [ame=]Aeroponics System 30 Plants - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Don't get me wrong, that looks nice.. However I have my mind set on something that's basically identical to the huge harvest one.. I don't think it looks super complicated
  3. Take it from someone who has done aero (LP), this is the same as the GH Aeroflo36...

    LP Aero is the greatest thing since vertical, yields are awesome. I run 2 DIY units, each are 36 site, 1100 GPH pumps, and 20 gal res, growth that is so fast you wouldnt believe me if i told you, find out for yourself.

    I checked out the Huge harvest site, and im telling you if you dont run a bigger res you will fail. pumps run 24/7 will heat up res, pumps on timers will burn out faster.

    Even filling that 5 gal bucket up to the top, once supply lines fill up and tubes start to drain you will have about 1 gal left in the bucket, probally burn out your pump.

    Drain lines are also a problem as roots grow insanely fast and clog up the drains.

    Have fun on your adventure with aero, its exactly that.

  4. holy shit, i just noticed are those 4" tubes in their system? screw that. I run the 6" and all we talk about is how 8"-10" would be better. so much root.

    ahem sorry, game on...

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    First off, these systems are not easy or cheap to build. I always laugh when people assume they can build something " equally as well for less than $100".

    Here is the materials and cost breakdown, as you requested.

    Material Required for the CG-16 System:
    Pump $30
    [FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot](11.25 feet) [/FONT]4" PVC , at $6.00 per foot $67.00 (Unfortunately 4" PVC is sold in 10' length so I doubt you would be able to purchase only 11.25') Now you are looking at 20' which totals $120
    (16) Spray nozzles at 0.50 each $8.00
    (8) Rubber end caps at $4.31 each = $34.48[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot](1) Digital Cycle Timer: $49.95
    PVC 40' X .25 per foot = $10
    PVC 10' X .19 per foot = $1.90)
    (16) 2" net pots at .40 each = $6.40
    (16) 2" Neoprene Disks at .55 each = $8.80
    (3) 1/2" [/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]threaded tees [/FONT]at .85 cents each $2.55
    (2) 1/2" threaded elbows at .85 each $1.75
    (8) 1" PVP elbow joints at .95 each = $7.60
    (6) 1" Tee joints at $0.95 each = $5.70
    (1) 5 Gallon Bucket and Lid $ 6.50
    (6) Grommets $0.90 each = $5.40
    (4) Hose to pipe fittings at 1.80 each = $7.20
    (4) Swivel fittings at $1.80 each = $7.20
    (6 feet) 1/2" black tubing at $0.50 / foot = 3

    Total cost in materials : $290.53

    Tools required:
    Drill or drill press
    Chop saw
    Measuring tape
    Hole Saw
    Punch Kit
    Gorilla PVC Glue
    Tap and drill bit
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  7. Ok... First off, fuck you. I'm not a dumbass. I wasn't looking for an exact replica here..
    I was just looking for feedback. And yes actually I do have all the tools.. But thanks. And I don't care if I'm getting Home Depot PVC, or your high grade shit.. I just think it's ironic that your sig has huge harvest in it... You know what gets customers to purchase your product.. Well I'll tell you one thing that doesn't, is commenting on dead threads that are months old in order to bash on someone's idea to promote your own... Like I said fuck you �� Also.. I live in the fucking middle of nowhere with no neighbors for miles so I'm not too concerned my neighbors will hear me. In my process of building my now multiple set ups for myself and friends I have supported multiple small businesses. Just not the one you associate with.
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    I didn't bash on your idea, or call you any names. I defended my design, which you were attempting to discredit. I also responded to your request, "..if anyone could tell me all the materials they see in the picture that would be awesome." I listed them all out for you including the tools you will need and a cost breakdown.

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