Aero or Hydro???

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by 420Grower420, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Im having a 400gph pump shipped to me in about a week it should arrive ( i know its already been a week, I jsut saw some people who purchased from this shop and some say it took over a month,,, but if it does im getting my money back.)

    So what Im asking is for experienced growers to let me know what they think I should turn this pump into, a hydo or aero setup (im kinda leaning toweards aero because of the faster growth rate.

    thanks for all input.
  2. i wouldn't have ordered the pump in the first place....

    DWC.... where its at
  3. Well I hope that shitty store doesnt send it til after a month then i can get my money back... i thought it would be here three days after I paid.... shoudla checked their feedback before purchasing...

    thanks for the input but I wanted to try an aero setup tos ee how hard it is cuz I have seen how fast aero plants grow and you use a lot less water and nutes : )
  4. definitely go aero boss. works great and is easy to set up. the pump the most important part then building the mister manifold cost a lil bit too. the roots go nuts and the plants love the mist. good luck man

  5. Fuck yess! Thanks man, everyone has been saying hydro cuz its easier but in the abovemessage about seeing how plants grow realy fast in it, I was refering to you haha.

    Well in 100 days when my pump gets to florida from new york -_- I will start growing, in the mean time Im looking in to what the best parts for the rest of the setup wil be, thanks for the support : )
  6. seems to me that plants grow pretty damn fast in hydro too..
  7. must be the plant cause ive seen them grow mad fast in everything:smoke:
  8. If you are not happy with your purchase and paid with debit/bank card or check, contact your bank. You'd be surprised what they can and will do in certain situations.. I had the bank refund on a treadmill when the company offered up no customer service to me... Treadmill in my possession, and money in my possession... wouldn't ya know sears was out the next day fixing my treadmill:p the squeaky wheel gets the oil sometimes.. If you are locked into a purchase, and do not like how you're being treated or how long it takes for them to get you your product etc. contact the bank. In my case they refunded me, and went after the company themselves.
  9. Thanks mister postman, thats good to know. These guys never answered any of my 4 questions that I sent them, but they did mail it within a few days and I jsut got it this morning. I think thats axactly a week, which isnt all that bad but these guys kept no communication with me.

    Well I got a 400 GPH pump not im going to go buy everything else for my aero setup. Pics and everything good in a journal when Im finished : )
  10. Holy fucking shit... this thing is so damn loud there is no way I can sue this for a stealthy grow. Should I return this and jsut do a bubble bucket? This thing says quiet on the box but the entire thing rattles and shakes and if I put it on any surface, it gets even louder... what do I do??
  11. The first thing to do is read the instructions where it plainly says DO NOT RUN THIS PUMP DRY! You can damage it that way and when its in the water you wont see or hear a thing. The pump is fine.
  12. Also if it touch's stuff & rattles get a small block of low density foam and put it on there. Or since foam will disinigrate under water after time i would put it on some sort of cloth underwater to dampen vibrations.

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