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  1. Hey, all.

    This isn't my first visit to this site or my first grow. But I did forget all my old's been a while. Anyway, I recently inherited an aero-garden from a friend that moved to another state. Looks like they used it for herbs cause I had to clean the hell out of it. It's nothing special, 2 26w grow lights. 1 gallon reservoir and some settings and what not.

    I grew once before using the old bubble buket method. I had a pretty good experience with that and yielded 1 oz per plant ( i had 2 plants). So I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to growing. But I do want to know if any of yall has had any luck with the aero garden. Have you made any modifications? ( I plan to add some lighting and air stones) I just figured an opportunity fell into my lap and I would like to take advantage. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. can easily grow 1 big plant or 2 Small plants just need different light source then 2 CFls wont hold up for more then 3 weeks

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