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  1. I've been reading up and doing a little research on d.i.y. aero clone boxes and I've decided I'm going to make a couple. (probally 2). The only thing that I have not been able to figure out it what to put the clones in.

    I know if I was doing a b.b. I was just use net pots and a good hyrdo medium. (hydrofied clay or something of thoose likes right?). But what do I place the cuttings in? (Keeping in mind that I want to cram as many cuttings as I can into one aerocloner). Any help would be greatly appericated, and I'm very visual so any pics would be great too. Thanks in advance fellows (and of course our wonderful ladies). :)
  2. They make these little black foam circles I forget what they call them but they are cut half way through so all you do is open it up a bit and place the cutting so about a 1/2 inch or so is protruding out the bottom then just push them in and that tightens them in place . set your water at about 71 f to 72 f ph the water to about 6.1 .That's it in 10 days you have a shit load of white roots ready to go aeriate the water of course and make sure the spray jets are always clear. Hope this helps you a bit . sooo long good luck
  3. Thanks buddy. That really helped me out. I must have just missed the part about the tubbing being cut down one side.... I was like "how the hell do you get it out of the tube". Well duh huh? Anyways thanks again, and next time I'll wait untill I'm not as blistered to try to figure out something hyrdoponically. :)
  4. do you mean like this?
    it takes 45 clones at a time
    only 36 in there at the moment.
    cost pence to build

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  5. another pic showin pump

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  6. another 1 showing where the roots are going to be.
    these cuts are 1 day old so just having a bit of a wilt.
    i'll expect lumps in 4 to 5 days and the start of good roots in a week.
    after 2 weeks this shud be a mass of white stringy roots.
    time will tell.

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  7. Exactly thug. That's exactly what I need. I found a link on overgrow and it showed like a tupperware box that could probally hold about 20 clones. But honestly I like the looks of yours a lot better..... Man I hate to ask if you don't have the time to answer it's fine, but can you give me a little information on how to build that?

    Is basically just a bubble buckect, with a fish tank pump, an airstone, and clones in slit tubes on the lid? It couldn't be that simple could it?
  8. yeah it is that simple.

    the tube i use to hold the cuts is the same as i use from the pump to the air stones.
    the blue bucket is quite thick so no need to light proof it.

    it was on overgrow that i learned how to make them, made a small one first and this is my 2nd go at it. the small one worked very well and i learned a lot from using it but it only held 9 clones.
  9. 0h one tip is make sure you keep the holes for the tube tight, to slack and light gets in right where you want roots and slows the whole thing down loads.

    a drop or to of superthrive seems to work well and slow down yellowing a lot.

    let the cuts touch the water for the first day or to then drop the water level so the only water they get is from the burstin bubbles, then set the pump on a timer 15mins on 15 to 30 mins off.

    you can transplant to rockwool as soon as they start showwing a few lumps. to soil when they have a few short roots or if you want to plant straght into hydroton in a net pot for dwc then let the roots go mad, spread em out a lot in the pot and within a day or to they are poking out the pot and ready to start fast growth
  10. Thanks man. I think I'll build a couple of thoose and make a cloning station out of a small closest. Then I we can transplant to our big soil grow. Thanks a lot man.

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