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  1. Hey guys and gals,
    So the more I look at my pipes and bongs, the more I think it's time to get either a pax 3 or a mighty possibly. So my question is, I am a heavy user! I smoke wax out of a pen and lots of flower! So obviously u get a nice warranty! My question is does heavy usage become an issue with the Pax3. I'm leaning that way! How hard and often do u need to clean? Say I have flower ground up and I am going in a road trip! How often does it get gunked up?? So say I buy a pax. What after market attachments can u get! Please link me if u can!! Ty u all

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  2. this vape could be just as good... a very large bowl on there eTC... glass vapor pathways
  3. Both units will need cleaning, I've heard the Pax can be a PITA because you have to use specially sized pipe cleaners to run through the unit and it clogs easily. With the Mighty you will need to brush out the bowl area and also soak the cooling unit in iso, you can also collect THC reclaim. There are cleaning videos for both on YouTube, and reviews. 420vapezone and Sneaky Pete are good resources. The Mighty is a better vape as far as vapor quality goes. If you're using at home mostly get the Mighty. Puffitup has the best deal on them I believe, $296 using code Puffedup
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  4. Ty

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  5. Really depends on your use context. I love my pax but it’s mostly my portable vape. The pax tastes great, work really consistently and is very Small. All you need to clean it is a good stiff pipe cleaner. Take me 5 mins to clean.

    The mighty, in comparison is giant. Personally, I don’t like the mighty. I think it’s too big to carry around and too small for a giant sesh. Don’t get me wrong the mighty is a great vape, but it is battery powered, it can’t keep up with its big brother the volcano. IMO the plenty is slightly more portable way less powerful volcano. I’d recommend a pax (2 or 3 they are very similar) if you want a portable vape and a volcano of you want a vape to melt your brain. Both are easy to clean but should be cleaned often.
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    This is not one of your choices, but you might want to think about other vapes.

    When it was time to move up from my MFLB, I narrowed my choices to the Pax and the Arizer Air. My friend has a Pax 2 and I really liked it. But in the end I went with the Arizer Air 2 for the following reasons.

    A simple menu that doesn't require an app to get to all the functions.
    Adjustable to a single degree.
    No unneeded gimmicks.
    Replaceable battery ( this is very handy if you use it a lot, spare batteries are cheap and easily swapped out).
    The vapor path is outside of the unit and is through a glass stem ( the downfall is the possibility of dropping and breaking the stem, but has not happened yet, they fit snugly).

    So far the only thing I like better about the Pax is it is a bit more discrete as it doesn't use a stem.
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