Advise Wanted!! One more week of veg, yes or no?

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  1. These girls are on day 19, 16/8 light cycle. Was planning to do a fourth week at 14/10 before moving to 12/12, but the canopy is so thick, especially in the two front /left rows, I'm worried they'll get too big and choke either other out. I want to maximize my yield without sacrificing quality. Any recommendations? Keep going through the fourth week and trim some blocking leaves? Start transitioning into 12/12 early? Opinions would be appreciated!

    BTW, the front /left two rows are White Rhino and started off much more mature and are already starting to get stinky. The back three rows are Sweet Island Skunk, and were started off as scraggly little clones, so notice that the back isn't quite as densly packed as the front... (I'm also expecting a longer flower time with the Skunk).

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  2. They are actually already an inch or two taller since that pic, but I have grow space for them to get about 4x taller than they are BTW...
  3. More veg the better if you have the time and root space, clearly you have the head room

    If you're really worried about the space, trim the weakest shoots and smaller fan leaves getting the least amount of light, but let her recover 3-7 days before 12/12 if it's a significant trimming

  4. One more week definitely won't kill me. Root space is plentiful right now (i didn't use any root enhancer). I trim away yellowing and limp lower leaves as I see them, but there really haven't been that many at all so I'm not feeling a strong urge to do any major cutting. I haven't cut any shoots, just fan leaves.

    What about the tops that are growing taller than the others? Should I be worried about trying to maintain an even canopy and/or is there anything I should do (besides SCROG) to train them with about 9 days left to veg?

  5. IMO trimming the weakest shoots not getting much light now, 9 full days before 12/12, is a good strategy to decrease crowding without affecting and maybe improving yield

    BUT, if you're hesitant to trim, a little LST works great to even things out

    Hemp string + duct tape is more than you need
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    I'm so tempted to SCROG it. Seems so much easier than LST to me, you just train everything to grow up through the screen and space everything out nice and even... I'll look into LST, there are only three that I think I would considering tieing down..

  7. If there are only 3 ties to make, I think a quick bending session or 2 will be quicker and cheaper than buying then building or shaping a screen

    But if you want to use the screen in the future, then I definitely recommend the SCROG, but don't wait to long, now is a good time to add it in :smoking:
  8. It's SOOO tempting just because of the promise of a higher yield, I'm just worried things are going to get complicated. FUCKIT I'm gonna go buy a screen.:D
  9. Cut to 12/12. Those things will continue to grow like crazy over the next two weeks. You won't loose anything regarding yield . Promise.
  10. I SCROGed it and turned them into Bonsai trees! Hope this shit works. :D

    Should I do anything different with my nutes or anything to help them with recovery now that I've butchered like 1/3 of the foliage from under the canopy ?

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