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  1. this plant has been over ferted, ripped completely out of it's pot,and something (a mouse i think) chewed about half way thru the base of its stalk. she`s lucky to be alive! anyway i was wondering if someone can tell me when is the right time to hang her up? i`ve read that when the resin crystals start to turn a amber color it is time. is there other ways to tell? this is the first one i`ve ever had to flower, help please......

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  3. The date on the pic says 12/10/2002? Are you from the future??? ;)

    Ok seriously now, when 2/3 of the hairs start to turn red or amber its time to harvest. But with the bad luck you are having, your plant may be ready to be put out of its misery sooner.
  4. If you have it in doors change the lighting to less than 12 hrs of light looks like the leaves are getting to much light , if its over 6 months old to 9 months then go ahead and harvest...

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