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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Komatic, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hello... :wave:

    Iv'e been smoking weed regularly since 2006 and have recently decided to do something about my Health. I usually only smoke one or two joints and occasionally have a bong at the end of each day. My friend tells me that I should look into buying a Vaporizer which apparently get's you 5x higher.

    Looked through the C-Cup video's for 2010 and did a general search so this one took my liking.

    [ame=""]Cannabis Cup Video[/ame]

    Vapeorsmoke Website

    General Questions are:
    Do you consider it allot more healthier?
    Is it really worth buying this? (100 f*in euros!)
    Do you perfer smoking Joints? and why? :smoke:

  2. For health, Yes. Vapor is a lot more healthier than smoke because it doesnt have any carcinogens in it. Overall, I would recommend getting a vape because it saves a lot of weed, healthier, less smell, and gets me about the same high. I would rather vape than a joint because of the amount of weed you would save.

    In regards to the vape, I haven't really heard of this model before so I can/can't recommend it. If you're going for portability I would suggest a MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box). There small, portable, and rechargable. Also pretty cheap. About $100 USD.

    If you're looking for a great, non-portable vape, go with the Silver Surfer Vaporzier. A lot more expensive but is just a total beast.
  3. my advice would be to try one before plopping down the cash. Even better would be to borrow one to see if you like to even vape or not. It's much different than smoking.

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