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  1. Okay so I'm getting paid next week and Iv'e decided to buy a vaporizer for the health benefits. I hear that it is 100% non toxic to the body and that the high is allot more better with consumption rates of 100% from the THC on the bud.

    - Why should I buy an arizer solo compared to an $11 pipe vape?

    - I am a discreet smoker from my parents. Will I be able to use it inside? If so should I just buy non hand held vape?

    - How different is the high from smoking a joint? I usually smoke two fat joints in one night of smoking to myself.

    - Just how healthy is vaping?

    Kom :D
  2. You've got alot more research to do, Many of this stuff has been answered about a million times.

    Efficiency and health are the first 2 things that come to mind. 2 fat joints is about 1.5 grams. Half a gram in an Arizer Solo or desktop vape (Q, DBV, SSV) will get you just as high.

    The smell is less but still there, although disappears quicker.

    Search here and FC for more info
  3. The only other portable vapes out right now that compare to the Arizer Solo would be Da Vinci, and a few others I can't name off the top of my head. There's maybe 3 tops. The older Arizer models are outdated.

    Even the MFLB doesn't compare at $120. So an $11 vape is out of the question.

    Inside is totally do-able. I've had a few instances where people walk in and

    A: Try to bust us saying they knew and we said no were not vaping with the damn thing hiding under the comforter and we damn well were - then say ok and leave

    B: A dealer walked right into the kitchen 5 minutes after we tested out my moms new vape right where we had used it. He couldn't believe we smoked in my gp's house because he couldn't smell it.

    The high is more heady and strong. I vape 90% of the time now, rarely do I crave a smoke high anymore. It's so wasteful and unsatisfying. You'll definitely conserve more so you're instantly getting your money back out of it.

    They are pretty healthy. I'd say the safest is probably Da Buddah / Silver Surfer both of which are desktop vapes and very reliable.

    Portable va desktop is up to you. Desktops can't be hidden quickly and are a little larger, but they are always on the money.

    Portable vapes are smaller, and portable, but have more drawbacks like battery, components used for the health conscious, etc.

    The Solo doesn't have too many drawbacks at all.
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    Here are vapes you need to do research on to find what suits you best

    1. Arizer Solo
    2. Inhalater INH004
    3. Pax by Ploom
    4. DaVinci

    1. Da Buddah/Silver Surfer
    2. Extreme Q
    3. Herbalaire
    4. Underdog

    Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. You will be the only one who can decide on the right vape for your situation. Check out the forum at, there are separate threads for each vaporizers where owners and potential buyers discuss the pros and cons of each vape
  5. +1. You've got ALOT of research to do. I did quite a bit for a few weeks before finally deciding the Solo suited my needs. I had an MFLB for 3 months but thats like comparing a cig. one hitter to a big ass bubbler, no comparison.

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